Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween everyone! I am hiding in my room and my lights are off. :-)

Nah... I am just kidding. I actually have 20 candies to give away to the first 20 very lucky annoying brats cute trick-or-treaters from my apartment complex. I wish one of the guys below would show up tonight instead and they can play all kinds of tricks on me. If you have one candy left, who would you give it to?

Army Man
Medieval Sword Master
Cameltoe Spiderman
Ninja Turtle


Slutty, Dirty Mistress?


Thoughts on Recent Events

The fires are still burning in many places in Southern California. Many people donated money and offered shelter for the evacuees. At the same time, some other people are pretending to work for charity organizations and soliciting money, and some even broke into other people's houses. Not to mention the bastard(s) who started the fire in Orange County. Events like Hurricane Katrina and the SoCal fires bring the best and the worst out of people. This got me thinking... are people born as good or evil?

Are people born as good, caring, and kind? It's the adults, society, media then corrupt our minds and put the thoughts of doing bad deeds in our brain? Or are people born as evil, and then our parents and education correct and help us go down on the "right path?" Did the people that looted the stores after Katrina do it just to take advantage of the situation, or did they do it merely to survive? Well, I guess that depends on what they actually stole, huh? If they stole jewelry and electronics, then they probably took advantage of the situation, but if they stole food to feed their families, then I am not so sure I wouldn't do the same thing.

Recently I fell in love with a new TV show - Extreme Makeover - Home Edition. The show has been around for a while but I never paid much attention to it. It's about this group of home builders and designers going around the U.S., helping people going through difficult times in their lives and can't afford to live in a decent home rebuild. The stories of these peoples' lives are always very touching, and it just warms up my heart when I see them getting a real home built for them and how happy the builders and designers made them. It makes me cry every time I watch the show. I am such a wuss, I know. But it makes me feel good to know that there are people willing to help other people out there.


15 Minutes of Fame

As you recall, I posted something about the California fires. It turned out that this blog was listed by the program that uses to find blogs talking about current events. I took a screen shot. :-)

The number of visitors on that single day is about the same number I get in a month. The next day, everything was back to normal. Boy, that 15 minutes of fame came and went just like that, before I could even practice my autograph.

Today The Boyfriend and I went for a drive. We stopped and ate at the Cheesecake Factory. He couldn't stop flirting with our cute waiter. What a slut. They talked about video games. Two big dorks, I know, but since he bought my food, I guess I shouldn't complain too much. We were gonna go somewhere else after lunch, but we both had food coma and got really tired, so we decided to just come home. When he drives, he likes to reach over and say hi to Little Christian. I don't really like it because it makes me uncomfortable. The way I sit in the car and my jeans don't really leave much space for an extra hand. Also what if a pick up truck pulls up next to us and sees and the driver wants to say hi to Little Christian, too? I took his hand off and reminded him again that he's not driving a stick shift, and he needed to keep both hands on the wheel. I don't want to die at a young age and without making millions of dollars first. I wonder why certain people like having sex in their cars. The space is so tiny! Have you done it? If so, why?

Lonely Man

Last night, I walked into the living room, finding The Boyfriend sitting on the sofa. The light in the room was dimmed. The TV was off. He wasn't playing video games, listening to music or even reading. He's just sitting there, eating a piece of See's candy. It almost brought tears into my eyes. I began imagining if this is what would happen when I am dead. He will be all lonely, sitting quietly by himself in a dark room, and eating a piece of chocolate. He doesn't have any siblings or close cousins, and we can't have kids, so who's going to take care of him when I am gone? I felt so sad.

I told him what I was thinking and he said... gee thanks. I was just sitting here enjoying some quiet time and my chocolate. Sorry, I just think too much sometimes, and my mood changes like a woman. Once in a while, sadness just hits me for no reason, making me think of bad things happening to me and people around me. So, here it is, I've found my theme song.


Big Mouth

Yup I have a big mouth. I talk before I think. This has gotten me in trouble and brought me embarrassment soooooooooo many times before. My humor gets out of control sometimes. Most of my friends know this whenever they hear me crack a joke about them. Sometimes my jokes can be mean and hurtful, but I am too stupid to think about it before I say it. My friends gradually learn to just shrug it off whenever they hear my "mean" jokes because they know that's how I am. Cristina Yang from Grey's Anatomy reminds me of myself. Yes, Asians are cold and mean. You can say it.

Last night I was chatting with a fellow blogger and I said something mean to him thinking it was funny. It's incredible how powerful your words can be. They can be sometimes encouraging and cheerful and yet sometimes condescending and hurtful. It just depends on the occasion, the time, and the person. I had a chance (again!) to reflect to myself and think about what I did last night before going to bed. Needless to say, I didn't sleep very well.

My supposed joke hurt his feelings and he stopped talking to me. I apologized over AIM and sent an email, and then an e-card, but he's still not talking to me. I can only hope that he is reading this now and knows that I am truly sorry.


Batman v.s. Superman

Batman v.s. Superman. Who shall win? Who will bring justice and peace to this world? Who will arrest your heart?

Batman (Christian Bale)

Superman (Brandon Routh)


On Fire - Updates

Click HERE to read the latest news on the Southern California fires.

The fire that broke out yesterday near work is still burning, but it's going away from us. Today a coworker showed up late because the hill next to his house was caught on fire in the middle of the night. They could see the fire from one of their bedrooms. They packed up their cars and were ready to leave. The fire was put out in a few hours thanks to the brave firefighters. They didn't get any sleep, of course.

This afternoon I could hear several of helicopters flying above us. Apparently something else is burning on the other side of our sky. In a few hours, the sky's filled with smoke again and the sun turned orange.

All the schools around here are still closed today and might still be closed tomorrow. Originally they said the winds would die down today, but now it looks like we will have another windy day tomorrow. Gosh I really hope these winds would go away.

Yesterday there were a quarter of million evacuees and today the number doubled. It jumped to over half a million people. I talked to a few friends from San Diego (which is worst hit by the fires) and they said that the school is canceled the whole week for them. They also heard that they could lose electricity and water soon, so they headed to the grocery store nearby only to find out that all the water was sold out. This is like a war zone around here.

I also heard on the news today that there's a suspicious white pick-up truck full of guys that stopped by houses left behind and stole people's possessions. What kind of human are they to take advantage of other peoples' miseries? If they have extra time and energy, they should help fight the fires.


On Fire

Everything in Southern California is on fire. The winds are very strong and they spread the fires, smoke and ashes quickly. The air smelled so bad yesterday and today. All schools in our area were closed today and will likely remain closed tomorrow. So far, a quarter million of people have been evacuated in California. Early in the afternoon, a new fire started about a few miles from work, and I could see it right in front of me from where I was sitting. The amount of smoke was incredible and horrifying. I also heard that there's a fire near my apartment and there's also a lot of smoke there. I decided to come home early to pack up some important stuff, passport, documents, some cash, clothes, etc. Now the sky over here looks fine, but who knows what's going to happen as the winds can pick up or shift directions any minute. The winds should start dying down tomorrow afternoon. Hopefully we can get through then and the firefighters will be able to control all the fires.

The authorities said that the fire that began at around 6 PM on Sunday in Orange County, now burning 15,000 acres of land, was an arson fire. Now who in their right mind would do such a thing? I hope whoever did it also got their house burnt down.

Click here to read updates on 10/23.


Sunday Brunch - Justin Hartley

Justin Hartley was born on January 29, 1977 in Knoxville, IL. His screen debut was portraying the character Fox Crane on the daytime drama Passions, from 2002 to 2006. He then became the billionaire Oliver Queen a.k.a the Green Arrow on the CW series Smallville. In 2003, he began dating and then wedded his Passions co-star Lindsay Korman (she's one lucky woman!). They had their first child in 2004.

At Comic Con 2007. Did you see him there, Paul?

Shoot me with your arrow. Shoot me!

Here's Justin in action in Smallville (I just want to show you what a good actor he is. It's a pure coincidence that he's naked in the clips below.):

and Justin in CSI: NY (Again, I can't stress enough it's a pure coincidence that he's also naked in this clip):


What Defines You?

Once in a while I need to post something serious or thought provocative. I can't always rant, write something funny, or post some hot guys' pictures because that makes me sound like a little shallow fag. So here it is... something serious...

I've been trying to search the meaning of my life. Why is it that I was born into this world? I know I am not here to rescue the planet from alien invasion, but I want to BE someone, you know? There are many people that have things to define who they are. There's something that you will always know or remember them by, whether it's good or bad.

If you see Tiger Woods, you immediately think of him as a great golfer. Golf defines Tiger Woods.
If you see Whitney Houston, you think of her as a great singer and a drug addict. Good or bad, that's what defines her.

Let's not talk about famous celebrities or athletes for a second. Think about your friends or people around you. Pick one. What can you say about them?

"John is good at piano. He is also a great music teacher.": John is the Pianist.

"Marie collects everything made by Gucci.": Maris is the Gucci Girl.

"Jane loves surfing. She goes to the beach every morning in the summer.": Jane is the Surfer.

"Chris is undefeated at chess! None of our friends have defeated him in a chess game.": Chris is the Chess King.

"Lucinda is a huge whore. She sleeps with every creature with a penis.": Lucinda is the Unjudgmental, All-Loving Whore.

These are the things that define them. But what about me? What defines me? It puts me in a sad mood when I can't think of one thing that I feel really passionate about or something that I am really good at (while I can think of a thousands things that I am bad at). I wonder what people can relate me to when they think of me. I did fairly good at school, but so did many other people. I love listening to music but I can't sing or play any instrument. I am good with my job, but I think they will do just fine without me. Am I normal thinking about this? Do you (normal people I hope?) think about this, too?

What's your contribution to your family/company/society/friends/country/planet? Or are you wasting food like I am while it can be used to feed the more important people?

WHAT defines YOU? What can people remember you by? What are you famous for? What are you good at? What are you passionate about?



I watched the movie last night and I thought it's very entertaining. There were some goofy moments, but it was able to grab my attention throughout the movie. I even stayed up late to finish the movie.

Shia LaBeouf is adorable and funny in the movie. At the age of 21, he's been in numerous shows and movies. He was accepted to Yale University but declined to go. He has a house in Burbank, CA. Maybe I should go stalk him. I can't wait for Indiana Jones 4 (Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull) to come out. For now, I can only lust over him with these pictures:



I was able to work out today for two days in a row! Should I be proud of myself? After the workout, I got home and took a shower, and I had the sudden urge to take a bath. Seriously, bathing is one of the most relaxing activities that one can do. It felt so great to relax the muscles (?) on my body. I got out 30 minutes ago. I am sitting at my desk naked now and I still can't stop sweating. Thank goodness The Boyfriend isn't here. Otherwise I would have drowned in his saliva.

Today is National Boss's Day. We gave our boss a card and I crossed out "Boss's" and wrote "Bonus" next to it. Do you think he knew what I meant?


Coming Clean

I am coming clean.This is my third post tonight. I am on a roll have no life. A while back I published a post in which I told 3 stories and asked the readers to figure out which ones are true and which ones are false. Here's the post if you want to read it. Otherwise, scroll down to find the answers.

#1: TRUE. I indeed used to know a woman with PTSD. It was a life lesson for me.

#2: FALSE. Although I do get angry at stupid drivers, I do not allow myself to become one and drive recklessly. I pay attention to my surroundings and drive defensively. You should, too.

#3: TRUE. Sad but true. I did get taken advantage of by that old man!

Lust, Caution

From the director of Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, and Brokeback Mountain, here's Lust, Caution, Director Ang Lee's newest film. Doesn't it look so great? I really want to see it. I've always loved Ang Lee's work. He's from Taiwan, too. :-)

I try to keep what I say in a post related to the subject, but since this is a fairly short post so far, I will cram some more stuff in. So I went to the fitness center at our apartment complex today. I cannot remember the last time I went. You know what happens when you are in a relationship. You just stop caring. There isn't anyone to impress so you don't care if you take an extra bite even you are already stuffed. I need to do it for my health. I don't want to get fat and die at a young age. It turned out that since the last time I went, they've add some new equipments. There are now two ellipticals, which I like to use. I hope I can keep motivating myself to go. Let's see how long it will last this time.

I found out today that I might go to Chicago for a business trip sometime in the next few months. I've never been there and always wanted to visit. I hope I get to go!

Taiwan Pride Parade 2007

So there was a gay parade in Taiwan a few days ago. It was the 5th annual gay parade in Taiwan. They said that 15,000 people turned up (10,000 in 2006). The parade has grown in strength and size over the past few years. Some representatives from two major political parties were present at the parade as well. This shows how much both the political parties care about the LGBT community (for their votes at least). Hopefully no matter which party wins the election next year, it will be good for the LGBT community. Here are some pictures from the event. You can read more about the parade HERE.

This is the tallest building in Taiwan, and also tallest in the world (currently). It's called Taipei 101. It has nothing to do with the parade but I thought it's cool to show you guys:
Well it's certainly nice to see that so many people turned up to participate and showed their support at the parade. It's also cool to see a presidential candidate from one party and a "hopeful" from the other party there. This isn't something you get to see in the oh-so-open United States.


Weekend Wrapup

Oh boy. We Southern Californians just needed to prove that we really can't drive in the rain, didn't we? We had a storm last Friday and of course drivers didn't slow down when there's rain. They like to lose control of their cars and go WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE. They are not sure of the cause of the accident yet, but apparently there's a huge pileup in a tunnel under the 5 freeway, which is a major artery between the northern part of LA county and Los Angeles. Twenty-nine cars were engulfed in flames and it caused both directions of the entire freeway to be shut down. They are still shut down at this time. The Governator just declared state of emergency. Unfortunately, I had to drive on it this weekend. I needed to go down to Orange County (yes, the O.C.) to visit some friends and family. On Saturday, it took me an hour just to use the detour and go around the closed part of the freeway. It just wasn't a very pleasant experience for me, who has a road rage problem. Anyway I am just glad that I am back home safely now.

Today I went to South Coast Plaza with a friend to buy a present for a guy she's been dating for a couple months. The guy is moving to the east coast, and she isn't sure what's going to happen. She really likes him and from what she told me, I can tell that he really likes her, too. I am not sure if I was being a nosy bitch when I told her that long distance relationships would never work. She did ask for my opinion. Not that I don't have enough faith in humans... but I think he will meet many people over there and might find someone he really likes. The same can happen to her as well. Plus, it takes a lot of efforts (money, time, etc.) just to see each other perhaps once every two months. She seemed to understand and agree with what I said. She said if they are meant to be, then they will end up together no matter what happens. What do you guys think? Do you think long distance relationships can ever work?

Remember the guy Guy B that I talked about in The Boyfriend post? Well, something happened between us almost two years ago and we stopped talking since then. He just IMed me tonight and talked to me about it. He admitted that he wanted to cut me out of his life two years ago, but he realized how silly that was, and he wanted to start hanging out with me again. Even though it wasn't very comfortable remembering what happened and talking about it, I am glad that we finally talked and were able to put it behind us. He told me what's happened to him in the past 2 years and I could not stop thinking if our issue had anything to do with it. He is all better now but I wish I could have been there for him during his rough times. Right now I just want to go hide in the corner and cry. I am going to try to hang out with him soon and catch up. I have a feeling that I am going to be talking about him on this blog quite a lot in the future. The name Guy B is not personal enough and just doesn't fit him. From now on, he will be referred to on this blog as JT.

A lot happened this weekend and I am still in the process of digesting them.
It was not a typical weekend that I normally have. I am looking forward to an eventless week.



Stop it. I know you all like men's testicles. You like to play with them, lick them, caress them, roll them with your hands, and then put them in your mouth and roll them with your tongue. Am I getting too graphic here? Ok, I will stop. I am actually not going to talk about human testicles in this post.

We Chinese are known for eating strange food. That's what makes us so strange. As illustrated on the left, they are actually chicken testicles. I went to a wedding banquet when I was a kid (not too long ago, by the way), and one of the dishes they served was skillet chicken testicles. It's considered as a delicacy on that side of the Pacific ocean. I hesitated, but my parents assured me that they tasted fine, so I took a bite and immediately determined that they actually were pretty good. They tasted just like chicken. Supposedly, they are healthy for you. People believe that whatever organs you eat will be beneficial for the same organs in your body. So, eating monkey brains is good for your brains, eating tiger penises is good for your penises, and eating chicken testicles is good for your testicles.

To me, chicken testicles are by far the most weird food I've ever had. I am sure that some of you will be disgusted if I tell you what I've eaten. I am pretty adventurous in that matter. I like to try different types of food. Maybe it's the Chinese blood in me. Without explicitly listing what I've eaten and grossing you out, I can say that I've eaten something that's good for my kidneys, liver, eyes, tongue, heart, ears, and cum feet.

Gosh I need to go out more. It's Friday night and I am talking about chicken testicles on my blog... Well, I hope that everyone enjoys their weekend. Eat lots of strange food for me!

Update: After reading Paul's comment, I thought about this video. Paul, does a donkey penis sound good to you then?


Some Thoughts...

Public Announcement: The Christian's BS game is still going on two posts below. Click HERE to jump directly to it.

What a title... "Some Thoughts..." Sorry I can't think of a better title for this post. Some things have been bothering me lately, and I figure it's probably healthier to spit them out here to share with my dear blog readers.

As you are aware, I am not a native English speaker. I've been thinking about how to make this sentence grammatically correct. Would you say...

They have a cute butt.


They have cute butts.

After discussing with a few people, we came to the conclusion that the second one sounds better. Since the subject is They, which refers to more than one person, we need to use the plural word butts. However, which one of the following sentences is correct?

The couple there has a cute butt. The couple there have a cute butt. The couple there has cute butts. The couple there have cute butts.

Since the subject now is the couple, which refers to two people collectively as an entity, would you use the verb has then?

This is a little confusing. Not many of the native English-speaking people can answer me. What's your take on this?

Another thing that's been bothering me lately, is that I am trying to decide which one is more embarrassing.

1. You use the bathroom at work and stink it up. As you are getting out of the stall, your boss walks in and smells your unpleasant scent.

2. You walk into the bathroom and immediately smells some unpleasant scent. You make a loud comment "Ewwww... it stinks" and see your boss walking out of the stall.

I am sorry that this is disgusting, but literally it's been troubling me for weeks. I need to know which one people think is more embarrassing.


Booger Man

Today I was driving home from work, and I saw a middle-age guy walking on the side of the street, walking toward traffic, and PICKING HIS NOSE. Somebody call the police and get him arrested, please! How can you pick your nose in public, especially with so many people around you? God that hurt my eyes and I had to rush home for an emergency eye treatment with some candy.

How can there be so many hot men on this planet?

I Am Tagged

My bitch friend Paul over at The Chaos Within tagged me. Can you believe it? So to avoid having diarrhea for a month (Paul's curse), I am supposed to tell two truths and one lie and let my readers figure out which one is the lie. Paul decided to follow the footsteps of sophisticated-looking Christopher at Clever Fool who tagged him, and tell one truth and two lies. And you know what? I am NOT going to tell you which way I am going to play this game. I can tell you though, that there is at least one truth and at least one lie. Can you figure out which one(s) is(are) the truth(s) and which one(s) is(are) the lie(s)?


I used to know a woman through an online game. She had PTSD, which stands for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. She had a very rough childhood and basically this disorder causes her to "relive" those horrible memories. She would often have hallucinations about what her foster parents did to her in the past. She witnessed her own sister's death caused by her foster parents, and she often took beating from them. When we talked on the phone, she would frequently enter this state of hallucination and begin crying. I also learned that when she grew up, she sued the state of Texas and got a big fortune for her misfortune. I would not want to live her life even for the money she got. She's very nice to me and even sent me a care package with a book titled "How to Please Your Man." She was one of the first few people that I told I was gay because I felt comfortable telling her. One day she told me that she opened a CD account with an undisclosed amount under my name. She said it was for my education (I was a freshman in collage then). We lost touch a few years ago though. I wouldn't have taken her money anyway.


I have a road rage problem. I admit it to everyone. I just cannot stand witnessing stupid drivers doing reckless acts on the road without respect to other drivers. I've had an issue with bad drivers since I began driving at 17. I still do even after what happened... I'd had my driver's license for about 6 months at the time, and I was driving on the 405. I guess I was in the blind spot of this pick-up truck. I am not sure. All of a sudden, the driver of the truck decided to cut into my lane. I did not want him to cut in front of me, so I sped up, thinking that he would see me in the lane. I was wrong. He made a sharp turn into my lane and hit the front passenger side of my car. Everything happened so fast and I can still remember spinning on the freeway. I eventually went head on with the incoming traffic. The accident totaled my car and left me in the hospital for 2 weeks. I have permanent damages to my legs and I cannot walk in a straight line. I guess I better not get drunk and pulled over by the cops, huh?


When I was in high school, I met this really cute guy online. We chatted for a while and really liked each other. He sent me this picture of him with just swimming trunks on, and he had the cutest smile and body I could ever dream of. I think he was part French. He eventually convinced me to get a web cam and have a video chat with him. I did. The first night we did it, he told me that his web cam was broken and was looking for a new one. Night after night, he kept telling me the same thing. I didn't mind though, because I really liked him. One night I signed on AIM as usual, but he was not online. I kept waiting the whole night and he did not show up. After a few days, he finally signed on, and told me what happened. His sister Celine had fallen down the stairs at home and he had to fly to France to see her in the hospital. I of course asked how she was doing, and how he was, etc. Half an hour later, he finally admitted to me that he was in his 40's, a college professor, and lived in San Francisco. He was not the person he pretended to be, and the picture he sent me was fake. I cried and began screaming at him. He promised that he would delete all the naked pictures I took of myself and sent to him (Note: I was under 18 then so what he did was illegal). He also claimed that he did the same thing to another guy, and they became friends afterwards. I just didn't see how that's possible and told him to fuck off. What can I say? I was young and stupid. I had to learn my lesson the hard way...

Now, tell me which one(s) you think is(are) the truth(s) and which one(s) is(are) the lie(s). There is NOT a reward. I am also going to tag Eliot at Daily Briefing since he hasn't responded to Paul's tag yet. He can do it twice or suffer from diarrhea for 2 months. I also am going to tag Troystopher. Get to work, my bitches friends.


Gay Days Disneyland - Q&A

A couple questions thrown at me about Gay Days:

Q: Did you really wear the Calvin Klein underwear like you said you would?

A: Yes. They feel great. My butt was hugged comfortably all day.

Q: Did anyone say anything to you for not wearing red?

A: Other than my friends (whom I called fags when I first saw them)? Well, I was walking in Downtown Disney in the afternoon and a bunch of cute guys were walking toward me. We walked past each other and exchanged some looks, and then I heard someone saying "Purple is not the right color" behind my back. I assume that he was talking about me. Also, a guy walked up to us in the park and asked us if we were here for Gay Days. We said yes. He then passed out pamphlets for Gay Days to The Boyfriend and the other couple, but not to me. I call this discrimination.

Q: Anything else happened to the USC guy?

When we got our car in the parking structure, the USC guy's car was still there. The Boyfriend and I joked about leaving our numbers on his windshield. Hmm... maybe we should have.

Here are some pictures:

Main Street with the huge Mickey-shaped pumpkin and some people wearing red

Children Eating Monster


Gay Days Disneyland - Part 2

We took the tram back to Disneyland and caught half of the parade. There were A LOT of people wearing red standing along the parade route watching it, and by proportion, there were more hot guys among them as well. It is very healthy for the eyes to watch cute guys, perhaps better than Vitamin B. I put on my sunglasses so I could stare at them without them finding out.

We had previously gotten fast passes to Big Thunder Mountain, and it's just about the right time to go back after the parade. We cut in front of a lot of people. I would say at least 300. It felt good to cut in line without guilt. Big Thunder Mountain is fun but people have died on this ride before, so I was holding on pretty tight so my head wouldn't get cut off. The ride was fun though.

After the ride, we went back to Indiana Jones, hoping that they'd reopened the ride, and they had! Of course us bitches whipped out our fast passes that we got in the morning and were still good since the ride broke down, and we cut in front of a long line on the outside of the "tomb-like" building. We still had to wait for a while though once we got in the building. They used to have a "secret bamboo" hidden in there that you can pull, and the ceiling for that part of the pathway would lower with spikes sticking out. It appeared that they had taken that away. I think they figured gays were not very good with long, sharp objects, but they were wrong!

After the Indy ride, we were all feeling tired. It was about 5 something at this time. We got out of the park and went to Rain Forest Cafe in Downtown Disney. Seriously, the whole city of Anaheim was so crowded with gays that there was a 1.5 hour wait for a table here. Fortunately, the hostess said that if we were ok with sitting at the patio, there would be no wait. Being impatient gays like we are, we opted for the patio. It was my second time eating at Rain Forest Cafe, and I must say that it wasn't pleasant the first time. I was a little surprised at my food yesterday because it turned out to be a lot better than I expected. Our waitress was nice, and she kept calling us sweathearts. She seemed to be in her late 30's, so she's not that old! Come on! I am the youngest in our group and I am 25! I had to bust out laughing at our dining table when she called us that.

After dinner, we chose not to go back to the park. It was getting chilly. It would have been nice to stay and watch the fireworks, but I've seen the show before, and I was just too tired to stay for another couple of hours. Watching cute guys all day can be tiring, you know?

Overall, I would say that my first Gay Days experience is pretty positive. Grandparents with strollers can be deadly, but I survived. I did not expect to see so many of us show up there. I saw several gay couples holding hands in Disneyland, and many playing around, hugging and patting each other, and sometimes even kissing. I also saw two dads with two kids, all wearing red, taking a picture in front of the castle. Very sweet indeed! It's like gay people were coexisting with the the rest of the world. It was a little strange for me only because I am not used to seeing that, but it's certainly nice and makes my heart all warm and tingly. Not to mention that there were so many cute guys there. I think we are definitely going back next year.

I did not see or hear of any hostility toward gays in the park yesterday. In fact, some people not wearing red smiled at us. No, they were not like me who's gay and not wearing red. They were moms and dads of families. However I wonder if there was one single person there that saw all the gay people and were cursing us all behind our backs. There had to be at least one, right? If so, I hope that they wore red. It would have been funny.

Gay Days Disneyland - Part 1

The day began its interestingness when we parked at the Mickey & Friends parking structure. As we were going into the parking structure, there were this really cute guy and a girl (his hag?) in the car next to us. We also ended up parking right next to each other even though we went to different booths. When he got out of his car, he was wearing a red USC t-shirt. The girl was wearing red, too. I think the guy is an Asian-white mix and he is so cute! He has a big nose, and I wanted to ask him so bad whether he is well-endowed because people say guys with big noses are hung. I didn't do it because it would be very rude! My mama taught me well. I should just pull his pants down and examine it myself without asking. And guess what, on the tram taking us from the parking structure to the park entrance, we were sitting next to each other! The Boyfriend sat next to the hag, and I sat next to the cute USC guy. The USC guy kept talking to his hag on the tram and he would not shut up! Normally I don't really like guys incapable of shutting their hole, but I will let it slide this time because he's cute. Unfortunately, we did not strike up a conversation with him, and that was the last time we saw him.

By the time we got to the entrance, it was already past 8, which was the time they opened. There weren't many people wearing red. I guess gays are all late-risers. As we were waiting in line, there was an older gay couple that's already buying tickets. I saw them patting and rubbing each other's back and even kiss one time. It was very sweet! Oh by the way, can you believe that now they charge $66 for admission into Disneyland now? And if you want to go to California Adventure on the same day also, the park hopper ticket is $91!! I don't see how a family of four can afford to come to this place if the parents are making minimum wage... but I will let it slide this time since I own Disney stocks.

We were supposed to meet up with two of our friends there. They are a couple as well. They previously told us that they were not going to wear red, so we decided not to wear red even though The Boyfriend really wanted to. He just didn't want to be the only one in our group wearing red. Guess what, these bitches showed up late wearing red! The Boyfriend had to buy a red t-shirt in Disneyland. I really could care less about wearing red, and I didn't want to spend $20 on a cheap t-shirt, so I stuck to my original choice - a purple polo shirt. Now I am singled out. But I will let it slide since my shirt was cuter than theirs.

Our friends arrived hungry so they wanted to eat something right away. We walked around, got our fast passes to Indiana Jones, and then found a restaurant in the New Orleans Square that served breakfast. More and more people are flooding into the park as we waited for our table and ate. By the time we finished our food, it was already close to 11:30, and we haven't even gotten on one ride yet. We headed back to Indiana Jones, only to find out that the ride had broken down. We decided to head to Space Mountain, and the wait was about 1 hour. I guess it's not too bad considering how crowded the park had become at the time. We waited in line, gossiped like a bunch of queens, and looked all the other cute guys in line. One hour passed by fairly quickly when you had your friends to talk to. The ride was great! It's my favorite ride in Disneyland. The Boyfriend and I were sitting in the first row and our friends were in the second. The ride was so fast and I think I was gege-gagaing the whole time with my mouth wide open. Our friends must have felt something wet on their face.

After Space Mountain, we got on Pirates of the Caribbean. This ride is a little boring for me, but it's a classic and I can't imagine who comes to Disneyland doesn't like to get on it. There was a stupid kid in front of us that kept reaching his arm out to touch the water and splashing it. Some of the water got on us. His dad didn't do a thing to stop him. You don't know how much I hoped that his arm would get trapped and ripped off by the ride. Ok, I was kidding. I am not that cruel. I did want to splash the water back at him though but I didn't want his dad to rip off my shirt and whip me punch me in the face, so I let it slide this time because I have no choice.

By early afternoon, all the rides we wanted to get on just had very long lines. Haunted Mansion, Splash Mountain, and Big Thunder Mountain all had over 1 hour wait. It is very discouraging... I've been to Disneyland many times (because I had annual passes), and I've never seen it so crowded before. We decided to check out the Gay Days Info Center at the Disneyland Hotel. Even the monorail ride that takes people from Disneyland to Downtown Disney had a long line. I think we probably waited half an hour for it, but it's all good because we didn't have to walk. We are a bunch of lazy fags. The Info Center was a little disappointing. I can count the number of booths with only one hand. Kudos to those who managed to put it together, but I just wish there's more interesting stuff going on there. It would have been nice to see more sponsors show up though.

Okay. I think I have had enough writing for a Sunday morning. I will write Part 2 tonight or tomorrow. Stay tuned!


Back from Disneyland

I am home! We left a little early because we were all tired. And then we hit a lot of traffic on the 5... we should have just stayed longer for the fireworks. Anyway, it's a fun day. I will write about it tomorrow. Were you at Disneyland today?


Cheese & Wine

Ok boys and girls, I am about to whine like a bitch. Hold the cheese. I just want wine.

Rant #1: Why can't I watch Ugly Betty on ABC's website? I was able to do so for the entire second season, but when I tried to watch it now, it's saying that only U.S. viewers can view the full episodes. Uh... the last time I checked, I think California is still a part of the U.S., isn't it? Unless Arnold wants to become president so bad that he is declaring independence. In case you are wondering why I just don't watch it when it comes on... well... Instead of watching Ugly Betty, I was drooling over Pretty Erik on Survivor: China. Isn't he adorable? I hope he wins.
(pictures courtesy of CBS)

Rant #2: I am going to Disneyland tomorrow with The Boyfriend, but I still don't know what I will wear. Well, I know what I will be wearing underneath, but not on the outside. Should I try to find the leather daddy outfit in my closet, or the pink Power Ranger one? This is frustrating...

Rant #3: Why do we waste our tax money on CHP officers so they can camp on freeways and give out tickets to people who choose not to wear seat belts? If they don't want to wear seat belts, let them! It's their personal choice. It's not affecting any bit of my life at all! Just because someone might want to commit suicide by jumping off a tall building, it doesn't mean we need to pay a bunch Dunkin Donuts (or Krispy Kream) VIPs to stay on the roofs of all the tall buildings. Just because someone might want to starve themselves to death, it doesn't mean we need to have the police knock on everyone's door to make sure we are all eating. Respect other people's personal choices! It's a free country!