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I promised my friend I would "advertise" this on my blog so all my 7 readers will see it. My friend has created a few bumper stickers that say "Gay Pride" in Chinese (both traditional and simplified). They look very cool! Check them out. If you are interested, please buy one for yourself and many more for your friends! Oh, if you do buy them, please add a comment on this post so I know (but of course you don't have to). Show off your gay pride (in Chinese)!


Hottie @ da Gym

Happy (Belated) Valentine's Day!

How was everyone's Valentine's Day? I had a great one with Pomona Boy. Last Friday I went over to his place, bringing the "presents" I had bought in the past few weeks, including a teddy bear, various brands and flavors of chocolate, a photo frame with one of the very few pictures I have of us together, a gay sex coupon book (LOL), and homemade chocolate-dipped strawberries and bananas! It took me hours to research, buy the ingredients and actually make them. In return, I received an elegant homemade card with a Chinese poem written on it. He probably spent hours doing it. It was very sweet and I was very touched. :-)

On Valentine's Day, we headed over to Universal Studios. Earlier in the week, we thought it's going to rain, but it turned out to be a great day for visiting a theme park. It was a bit chilly in the morning, but the sun did eventually come out. The weather was very comfortable. We went on the Jurassic Park and the Mummy rides multiple times because the wait was very short. We even went on the studio tour twice (it's probably 40 minutes each) to see Wisteria Lane twice. Pomona Boy is a big fan of Desperate Housewives. Last time I was there, it was during the week and they closed the set for filming. But since we went on Saturday this time, we were lucky to see Wisteria Lane. Pomona Boy was extremely excited and jumping for joy! That made me happy.

That night, Universal City Walk was packed with straight couples. All restaurants had a long wait, and we finally found a Chinese restaurant with seats in the bar that were available immediately. The service was horrible, probably because they were very busy. This was not the Valentine's Day dinner I envisioned, but it was okay. The food was good, and Pomona Boy didn't seem to mind the service. He kept reaching over and touching my thigh when I complained about it. Eventually I just complained more so he would touch me. Ha ha. I have to take him out again sometime soon to make up for it though.

Did I mention we are going to Vegas in a month? Yup, we are. I found a good deal on hotel, but we are looking for some bargains for Cirque du Soleil shows if you know of any. Generous donations are welcome as well. LOL j/k!

I hope you all had a great Valentine's Day! Have a great week!