Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Here's something for you all. :-)


Counting Down

Nine more days until Christmas (actually, almost just 8 left)! I am pretty much done with my shopping. I just need to think of something to get for Pomona Boy's family when I go visit. Are you done with your shopping?

A couple weeks ago, I downloaded Adam Lambert's new album, For Your Entertainment. At first, I thought the album was overall pretty good, but as I listened to it more and more, it's really grown on me. Now I just love this album.
He's not afraid to be himself. To me, he's just like a male Lady Gaga. haha.

Today I found a damn good deal on a MGM suite, the celebrity spa suite to be exact, and I booked it as the anniversary present for Pomona Boy and me, and also for Valentine's Day... even though we are not going until April. lol. That's when this suite is the cheapest... You really can't beat $95 a night on the weekend for a spa suite.


Guess What?

Pomona Boy is baaaaaaack! His plane landed this morning and he is now back on U.S. soil. I am very excited about that. Even though I won't get to see him in person until Christmas, at least we are now in the same time zone, and communication will be much easier. No more staying up late or waking up extra early for me. We will also get to text. Ahhhhh. I just can't wait until Christmas. Eighteen more days to go!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? I ended up going out on Thanksgiving night with my sister and a friend, and then we went to see New Moon, so I am sure your Thanksgiving was definitely better than mine. I got quite a bit of shopping done on Black Friday, but I am still not completely done yet. I also have to think of some stuff to buy for Pomona Boy's family when I visit him. He kept telling me that I don't have to get his family anything, but you know, it's Christmas, and I am "intruding" their family time, so I really think I should get them something. It never hurts to kiss his family's butts by bribing. :-)