The Heat

How's everyone's weekend? It's soooo hot in So Cal here. I would start sweating after walking outside for 5 minutes. It's gross because I hate the wet sticky feeling.

So, I've been missing Pomona Boy really badly. It's only been a little over a month since he went to China. I sleep poorly pretty much every day because I try to stay up and wake up early to catch him online. Of course he is not always online. I call him at least once a week. I want to call him more often but I don't want to interrupt his studying because I know he's really busy. I feel like I am going crazy and depressed. Am I supposed to feel this way, so... "attached" to someone? This is not very healthy, right? I don't think this is normal, and I think I am being too dependent. I do really love him A LOT and it's unbearable for me to not be able to see him or hug him for 6 months!! Argh!! HEEEEEEEEELPPPPPP!!!


If You Could Make Anyone Fall in Love with You, Would You?

If you could make anyone fall in love with you, would you? I can't say that I wouldn't, because I want to make the person whom I love be in love with me forever. But would I really be happy, knowing that I "made" him this way? I just watched this movie called "Were the World Mine" and that's the concept of this movie. Of course, it also has many cute boys in it.

The lead is played by Tanner Cohen (what a cutie :-p). He plays a high school student whose drama teacher casts him as Puck in their senior play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream." He discovers a recipe
hidden in the novel to make Cupid's love juice, and the love juice makes the person you spray it on fall in love with you. You will have to watch the movie to find out what happens next. The movie also shows issues with homophobia and gay marriage.

Here's the trailer:

Were the World Mine


Indias Court Overturns Gay Sex Ban

Did you hear about this? I just found out and this is great news! Now if I go to India, I won't have to worry about having gay sex. lol.

Read full article here.


Armpits are...

Sexy! Well, as long as they are not too hairy. :-)