Merry Christmas!!

Merry Christmas, everyone! Here's something for you all. :-)


Counting Down

Nine more days until Christmas (actually, almost just 8 left)! I am pretty much done with my shopping. I just need to think of something to get for Pomona Boy's family when I go visit. Are you done with your shopping?

A couple weeks ago, I downloaded Adam Lambert's new album, For Your Entertainment. At first, I thought the album was overall pretty good, but as I listened to it more and more, it's really grown on me. Now I just love this album.
He's not afraid to be himself. To me, he's just like a male Lady Gaga. haha.

Today I found a damn good deal on a MGM suite, the celebrity spa suite to be exact, and I booked it as the anniversary present for Pomona Boy and me, and also for Valentine's Day... even though we are not going until April. lol. That's when this suite is the cheapest... You really can't beat $95 a night on the weekend for a spa suite.


Guess What?

Pomona Boy is baaaaaaack! His plane landed this morning and he is now back on U.S. soil. I am very excited about that. Even though I won't get to see him in person until Christmas, at least we are now in the same time zone, and communication will be much easier. No more staying up late or waking up extra early for me. We will also get to text. Ahhhhh. I just can't wait until Christmas. Eighteen more days to go!

How was everyone's Thanksgiving? I ended up going out on Thanksgiving night with my sister and a friend, and then we went to see New Moon, so I am sure your Thanksgiving was definitely better than mine. I got quite a bit of shopping done on Black Friday, but I am still not completely done yet. I also have to think of some stuff to buy for Pomona Boy's family when I visit him. He kept telling me that I don't have to get his family anything, but you know, it's Christmas, and I am "intruding" their family time, so I really think I should get them something. It never hurts to kiss his family's butts by bribing. :-)


Touchless Orgasm

I've heard that it's possible for a bottom to get an orgasm without having his penis even touched. Has anyone out there been lucky enough to accomplish this themselves or make it happen to their bottoming partners? Supposedly, the prostate is the male g-spot, and with proper stimulation by the penis and the right position, it IS possible to have a "touchless" orgasm. I surveyed a couple gay couples that I know, and a couple of them actually told me it has happened for them. I am amazed. Ha ha. If you know how to make this happen, please tell me (what position, etc.) I am sure other inquiring minds would like to know as well.


Brett... from Survivor

Hottest man on Survivor this season.... Brett Clouser, 23 year-old t-shirt designer from Los Angeles. Do you agree?

yum... love that chest and those arms...


Summer's Almost Over!

Oh god. I can't wait for the summer to be over. This summer hasn't been as bad as previous ones, but it's still unbearable sometimes. I love fall and winter because I get to layer my clothes. It's boring to just wear a t-shirt or a polo shirt. It's better to be able to wear a sweater or a jacket with the shirt. Also it's just nice to cuddle in cold weather. Hmmm...

I never get why guys in the US don't like to wear speedos. Every guy in the rest of the world does it.


hey hey hey

How's it going, guys? I am doing good. I am getting a year older in a week (blah) and not looking forward to getting old, but it's life, right? Work's been getting busier. Summer has been historically our slow season, but hopefully this is a good thing and can only lead to more business later this year. It's better than not having any business and getting laid off. lol.

I've been exercising regularly lately. Recently I came to realize that I should not just spend all my time on sleeping, working, eating, and fooling around on my computer. I need to have a healthier lifestyle and become more fit. I did not join a gym, although I sort of want to (LA Fitness - let me know if you know of any good deals). I just go running outside and do some basic weight training at home. Another motivation is that I don't want Pomona Boy to come back and see a fat boyfriend. Ha ha.

Pomona Boy just finished his summer semester in China and has about 3 weeks off before the fall semester starts. Instead of going on some tours that his friends are doing, he decided to stay at the dorm and just chill for 3 weeks. I thought he might get really bored, but he said he's actually looking forward to relaxing and doing nothing for 3 weeks. I am counting down to the day he returns to the US, and there are 111 days left as of today. I was really paranoid before he left that something bad might happen and our relationship might not withstand the long distance. After having been apart for 2 months now, I feel our relationship is getting stronger and I really can see us "surviving" (for lack of a better word) through this. I cannot wait for his return and to hold him in my arms again. I requested to have time off later this year and was recently approved by my manager. I am planning on flying to Washington on Christmas and spending it with Pomona Boy. Ahhhh I really hope it will be a white Christmas! I will stay there until after the new year so we will be counting down together this year, since we didn't get to do it last year and I was really bummed out about it.

Is it Christmas yet?


The Heat

How's everyone's weekend? It's soooo hot in So Cal here. I would start sweating after walking outside for 5 minutes. It's gross because I hate the wet sticky feeling.

So, I've been missing Pomona Boy really badly. It's only been a little over a month since he went to China. I sleep poorly pretty much every day because I try to stay up and wake up early to catch him online. Of course he is not always online. I call him at least once a week. I want to call him more often but I don't want to interrupt his studying because I know he's really busy. I feel like I am going crazy and depressed. Am I supposed to feel this way, so... "attached" to someone? This is not very healthy, right? I don't think this is normal, and I think I am being too dependent. I do really love him A LOT and it's unbearable for me to not be able to see him or hug him for 6 months!! Argh!! HEEEEEEEEELPPPPPP!!!


If You Could Make Anyone Fall in Love with You, Would You?

If you could make anyone fall in love with you, would you? I can't say that I wouldn't, because I want to make the person whom I love be in love with me forever. But would I really be happy, knowing that I "made" him this way? I just watched this movie called "Were the World Mine" and that's the concept of this movie. Of course, it also has many cute boys in it.

The lead is played by Tanner Cohen (what a cutie :-p). He plays a high school student whose drama teacher casts him as Puck in their senior play, "A Midsummer Night's Dream." He discovers a recipe
hidden in the novel to make Cupid's love juice, and the love juice makes the person you spray it on fall in love with you. You will have to watch the movie to find out what happens next. The movie also shows issues with homophobia and gay marriage.

Here's the trailer:

Were the World Mine


Indias Court Overturns Gay Sex Ban

Did you hear about this? I just found out and this is great news! Now if I go to India, I won't have to worry about having gay sex. lol.

Read full article here.


Armpits are...

Sexy! Well, as long as they are not too hairy. :-)


Gay Exorcism

It amazes me how something like this is still happening... in this country.


Pomona Boy in China

I got back on Tuesday night from hanging out with Pomona Boy. We had a lot of fun. We went canoeing at the University of Washington and hung out with his friends. He also had his birthday party/family reunion/going-away party while I was there, and I was very fortunate to have met his father's side of the family. Everyone was very nice to me, and I hope I left a good impression on them.

Pomona Boy just arrived in China a couple hours ago. I got a chance to talk to him on AIM and Facebook. It's going to be a long 6-month coming up!


Surprise -> No Surprise

You all know I "was" going to surprise Pomona Boy next week by showing up at his doorstep in Washington, so we get to see each other before he leaves for China. Well... last Sunday when we were talking on the phone, he told me that he had some bad news...

He told me that he knew my secret, that I was going to surprise him by visiting him. The reason that he knew, was his best friend told him. When I was planning the surprise, I tracked down his best friend and his sister on Facebook and asked for their advice and make some plans. Well, he was talking to his best friend about 1 week prior to this, and he mentioned that he "originally planned" to come down to CA to visit me and just fly to China from LAX. I guess his friend misunderstood him and told him that I already planned to visit him, to make sure he doesn't change his plan and come down, and we would miss each other. Nice! Very nice! LOL. I think she should have checked with Pomona Boy's sister first and make sure that he's not changing his flight. His sister was very angry at his best friend for just bluntly telling him without confirming anything with her first. Oh well... guess whose name is crossed out on the secret surprise planning committee? :-p

Since he found out, Pomona Boy told me that he was debating whether to tell me the truth, or act that he didn't know and just pretend to be surprised. Ha ha. Now that would have just been silly. He also thought about showing up at the airport with his sister and surprise me instead. I would have LOVED it. I think that's what I would have done if I were in his situation. But he wasn't sure how I would take it or if I would be upset that my surprise was ruined. So anyway, he decided to tell me the truth a week after he found out. I wasn't upset at all though. He said he was very surprised when he found out and he thought that it was very sweet of me to want to do this.

Originally I had planned to just leave him alone to run his errands or do them with him when I am there, since those days will be his last few days in the U.S., and I am sure that he would have tons of errands to do, things to buy, etc. Now that he knows, he is just going to plan around it, so we will end up being able to spend more quality time together. I guess it works out better this way.

Anyway, I am flying out next Thursday night. I cannot wait to see my baby!


Shame on California

Well, today the California Supreme Court announced their ruling on the legality of prop 8 and decided that the ban on gay marriage should be upheld. Shame, shame, SHAME on California. It amazes me that as a country that prides itself on its democracy, peace, and equality, people in this country can still be so narrow-minded. What is it to you that you must impose your religious beliefs on other people? Feel free to follow your belief in "traditional marriage," but don't force other people to follow your beliefs. Why is it that gay people have to live the way you expect them to? How is it bothering your life? Why is it that gay couples can't make important medical decisions for each other, pass properties or estates to their significant others when they die, adopt children, or file taxes as married? Why is it that gay couples can't have the same rights as straight couples do?

What is your so-called traditional marriage? Is it a marriage between a man and a woman which has a 50% chance of success? Is that really better than two people of the same sex who are truly in love getting married to each other?

I fucking hate conservative people. Really. I truly do. Ahhhh it makes me so angry!

Read the CNN article here.


Cross Your Fingers!

The California Supreme Court announced today that it will rule Tuesday 5/26 on the constitutionality of Proposition 8, the November ballot measure that resurrected a ban on same-sex marriage.

The ruling, which will be posted at 10 a.m., will also determine whether an estimated 18,000 same-sex marriages will continue to be recognized by the state.

Click here to read the entire article.


Thank you

Thank you, Paul, Jon, Jeremy and Bruce, for the kind suggestions. I took Pomona Boy to the airport yesterday and he's now back in Washington. I cried yesterday morning. :-(

I tracked down his sister on Facebook a couple weeks ago and have been talking to her about my plan to go visit him. I asked her to check with their parents, and they are absolutely fine with the idea. His sister said it was very sweet of me to want to do this. So it sounds like I have his family's support. I booked my flight today, and it was diiiiirt cheap. Roundtrip non-stop airfare between LAX and SEA for less than $150. Good deal, huh? (Btw it is Virgin America, one of my favorite airlines). His sister will pick me up at the airport. Since it will be pretty late when I arrive, we are just going to sneak into his house and knock on his door to surprise him that way. I am going to tell him that I am seeing a movie with a friend to cover the few hours when I am unreachable. Once I land, I will sign on AIM on my iPhone and chat with him on the way to his house. The next thing he knows, his beloved boyfriend will knock on his door, perhaps with flowers if his boyfriend can find some at the airport. Ha ha ha. What a genius plan. Call me Dr. Evil!

Jon - he's going to China to study Chinese for a semester.


Need Your Opinion

Pomona Boy is coming over to stay at my place for a few days and flying back to Seattle next week. He then leaves for China in mid June, and he's not coming back to the states until mid December (then California in mid January). This means that once he leaves here next week, I won't be able to see him for 8 months, which is double the amount of time we have been boyfriends. LOL. Before meeting him, I never thought long distance relationships could work. Really! But now I am in this situation myself and I really want to make it work. Both of us do. I hope it works out for us. I know he will be worth the wait, and I think he feels the same way about me, too.

Anyway, what I need your opinion on is this. For the past couple of days, I've thought about flying up to Seattle the weekend before he leaves and surprise him. I emailed his best friend in Seattle about it and wanted to get her opinion and see if she could come up with any ideas of surprising him, but I haven't heard back. Pomona Boy will turn 21 a few days after he arrives in China, so if I fly up in June, I can also celebrate his birthday with him. I really want to do this. I really want to see him one last time before he leaves. I already checked with my manager and make sure that I can get time off on those days. BUT, I don't know if he's going to think I am a crazy psycho stalker that wouldn't leave him alone to spend the last few days with his family. I am not trying to "compete" with his family or friends up there and take him away from spending time with them, but I also want to spend those days with him. I don't know... maybe I am over-thinking. Do you think you would be happy to see me if you were him?

If you have some cool ideas of how I can surprise him, please let me know, too. The flight I am looking to book lands late at night.


This Blog is on Facebook!!

Please feel free to come check out the Facebook page for my blog. Write anything on the wall, post anything, or even become a fan! Ha ha. Click here.

Have a good weekend, guys!


Guys with iPhones

Someone just showed me this website. It's called Guys with iPhones, and it has self portraits taken by iPhones, and these pictures are submitted by people who visit the site. The idea that these photos are of the people who actually submit them intrigues me. I think it's very hot, not to mention they actually have some very cute guys on there. :-)

Check it out!! (Some pictures are for adults only. NOT work safe!)


10 Reasons That I Love You!

Last Saturday was the 3-month anniversary for Pomona Boy and I. I wrote a card for him. On the cover of the card, you could see the lower bodies of two guys wearing just their underwear and they are both trying to fit in a pair of pants. The inside of the card says "we make a great pair." I thought it was cute. Inside the card, I wrote my 10 reasons why I love Pomona Boy. To name a few and leave out the R-rated ones...

- I love your hands and I love holding them.
- I love your passion for the nature and animals.
- I love your kindness toward your family and friends

After he read the card, he had tears in his eyes. Awww... my baby.

I will spare you the details on the sex we had this weekend. I am sure you wouldn't find them interesting. Have a good (rest of the) week and weekend, guys. :-)


200th Post / Survivor Tocantins

This is my 200th post! Yay! Speaking of the 200th post, has anyone been watching this season of Survivor? Is Brendan hot or what? Too bad he got voted off tonight. I hate coach and Tyson...

Brendan Synnott (30)

Hometown: New York, N.Y.

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Brendan Synnott is all about playing the game. Whether it is in front of a classroom teaching entrepreneurial success or taking part in outdoor extreme adventures, he knows how to read the odds.

Raised by a single mom in Connecticut, Brendan pulled himself up by the bootstraps to be the co-founder and CEO of Bear Naked, a natural food brand that was recently acquired by a major corporation. Despite his financial success, he is not all about the money.

Success to him, however, is about more than simply creating, building and selling a thriving business; it's about hard work, passion, fun and surrounding yourself with the best people.

Synnott has always wanted to combine his love of the outdoors with his skills as a leader. In school, he played both football and baseball, and still stays active as much as possible. He loves to compete and says it's a driving force, even in business. It will especially be a driving force on SURVIVOR.

Brendan is single and currently resides in Vail, Colo. His birth date is Sept. 28.


Vegas Trip & Some Updates

Haha sorry for the lack of updates. I am just feeling really lazy nowadays and am really not motivated to write anything new. I stopped reading other peoples' blogs as well. Lately, other than work, I am on facebook a lot, and I watch a lot of TV, window-shop online, but I just don't feel the desire to blog any more. Maybe it's just a stage that will pass eventually.

So, let me talk about my trip to Vegas with Pomona Boy. It was very wonderful. It was his first time there. Being only 20 years young, he could not gamble or drink, but he wouldn't want to anyway even if he were old enough. Because I didn't want to leave him alone, I did not gamble or drink at all, either. I got a really good deal on the trip so we ended up spending the entire week there. I took one week off work, and it was his spring break. Since it was his first time, we had a lot of sightseeing to do. I took him to various hotels, and he was most amazed by the fountain show at Bellagio. I was, too. It's truly amazing and very moving.

We saw three shows - Cher, O, and KA. I did not care too much for Cher before we went. I was able to get a discount on the tickets so I asked him if he's interested. It turned out that despite his financial situation (being a college student and all), he was actually willing to spend $110 to see Cher. I was surprised, but since he really wanted to see it, I went for it as well. Cher was performing at Caesar's Palace. We had good seats, and the show was actually pretty good. I gotta give her props for singing and dancing on stage like that, being 62 already. They mixed in some acrobat stuff and there were some hot dancers. I also have to say that her greatest hits CD is one of the CDs I have in my car now. Ha ha. Yes, I am a converted Cher fan boy.

After seeing Cher's show, we walked over to Bellagio to see O. Our seats weren't so good, but nevertheless the show was good. It was like a dreamland. Everything was so magical and it made me feel like I was in a fantasy. I later read on Wikipedia that the performers' costumes cost $10,000 each on average. That's crazy...

I've seen KA before and I absolutely loved it, and I really wanted Pomona Boy to see it, too. I was able to convince him to see it though because I offered to pay for half of his ticket. Good thing they began offering student discount that day and I had my student ID with me. LOL. Compared to O, KA has a more solid storyline, and the presentation and stage effects are unquestionably enchanting. I think I like KA better than O.

Before the trip, I was hoping that we could get upgraded on our room, so I snuck some candles with me in my luggage just in case we could take a bath. We did get upgraded. :-) On the second night there, I told him I was going to draw us a bath and I secretly brought the candles with me, while he was waiting outside. I placed the candles on the side of the tub, counter, and the floor, and lit them. After the tub was filled with water, I turned off the light, went out and led him back in. He was very impressed. Hehe.

Overall it was a very good trip. It was also our first trip together. Hopefully we get to take one again soon... Oh, have I mentioned that he is going to study abroad for the second half of 2009? He's actually going to leave California after school is over in mid May to go back to Washington, and then he is going to China in mid June and will not be back (to Washington) until right before Christmas. Yup... I will be quite lonely then and maybe I will update this blog more often. I am sad that I won't be able to see him for such a long time, and I am also worried that our relationship might change. At the same time, I am happy for him because this is something he really wanted to do and was selected to be one of the few students to participate in the program. We had both decided to stay in a committed, monogomous relationship, even when he's in China. It will be hard, I know, but we are willing to give it a try.