Guys with iPhones

Someone just showed me this website. It's called Guys with iPhones, and it has self portraits taken by iPhones, and these pictures are submitted by people who visit the site. The idea that these photos are of the people who actually submit them intrigues me. I think it's very hot, not to mention they actually have some very cute guys on there. :-)

Check it out!! (Some pictures are for adults only. NOT work safe!)


10 Reasons That I Love You!

Last Saturday was the 3-month anniversary for Pomona Boy and I. I wrote a card for him. On the cover of the card, you could see the lower bodies of two guys wearing just their underwear and they are both trying to fit in a pair of pants. The inside of the card says "we make a great pair." I thought it was cute. Inside the card, I wrote my 10 reasons why I love Pomona Boy. To name a few and leave out the R-rated ones...

- I love your hands and I love holding them.
- I love your passion for the nature and animals.
- I love your kindness toward your family and friends

After he read the card, he had tears in his eyes. Awww... my baby.

I will spare you the details on the sex we had this weekend. I am sure you wouldn't find them interesting. Have a good (rest of the) week and weekend, guys. :-)


200th Post / Survivor Tocantins

This is my 200th post! Yay! Speaking of the 200th post, has anyone been watching this season of Survivor? Is Brendan hot or what? Too bad he got voted off tonight. I hate coach and Tyson...

Brendan Synnott (30)

Hometown: New York, N.Y.

Occupation: Entrepreneur

Brendan Synnott is all about playing the game. Whether it is in front of a classroom teaching entrepreneurial success or taking part in outdoor extreme adventures, he knows how to read the odds.

Raised by a single mom in Connecticut, Brendan pulled himself up by the bootstraps to be the co-founder and CEO of Bear Naked, a natural food brand that was recently acquired by a major corporation. Despite his financial success, he is not all about the money.

Success to him, however, is about more than simply creating, building and selling a thriving business; it's about hard work, passion, fun and surrounding yourself with the best people.

Synnott has always wanted to combine his love of the outdoors with his skills as a leader. In school, he played both football and baseball, and still stays active as much as possible. He loves to compete and says it's a driving force, even in business. It will especially be a driving force on SURVIVOR.

Brendan is single and currently resides in Vail, Colo. His birth date is Sept. 28.


Vegas Trip & Some Updates

Haha sorry for the lack of updates. I am just feeling really lazy nowadays and am really not motivated to write anything new. I stopped reading other peoples' blogs as well. Lately, other than work, I am on facebook a lot, and I watch a lot of TV, window-shop online, but I just don't feel the desire to blog any more. Maybe it's just a stage that will pass eventually.

So, let me talk about my trip to Vegas with Pomona Boy. It was very wonderful. It was his first time there. Being only 20 years young, he could not gamble or drink, but he wouldn't want to anyway even if he were old enough. Because I didn't want to leave him alone, I did not gamble or drink at all, either. I got a really good deal on the trip so we ended up spending the entire week there. I took one week off work, and it was his spring break. Since it was his first time, we had a lot of sightseeing to do. I took him to various hotels, and he was most amazed by the fountain show at Bellagio. I was, too. It's truly amazing and very moving.

We saw three shows - Cher, O, and KA. I did not care too much for Cher before we went. I was able to get a discount on the tickets so I asked him if he's interested. It turned out that despite his financial situation (being a college student and all), he was actually willing to spend $110 to see Cher. I was surprised, but since he really wanted to see it, I went for it as well. Cher was performing at Caesar's Palace. We had good seats, and the show was actually pretty good. I gotta give her props for singing and dancing on stage like that, being 62 already. They mixed in some acrobat stuff and there were some hot dancers. I also have to say that her greatest hits CD is one of the CDs I have in my car now. Ha ha. Yes, I am a converted Cher fan boy.

After seeing Cher's show, we walked over to Bellagio to see O. Our seats weren't so good, but nevertheless the show was good. It was like a dreamland. Everything was so magical and it made me feel like I was in a fantasy. I later read on Wikipedia that the performers' costumes cost $10,000 each on average. That's crazy...

I've seen KA before and I absolutely loved it, and I really wanted Pomona Boy to see it, too. I was able to convince him to see it though because I offered to pay for half of his ticket. Good thing they began offering student discount that day and I had my student ID with me. LOL. Compared to O, KA has a more solid storyline, and the presentation and stage effects are unquestionably enchanting. I think I like KA better than O.

Before the trip, I was hoping that we could get upgraded on our room, so I snuck some candles with me in my luggage just in case we could take a bath. We did get upgraded. :-) On the second night there, I told him I was going to draw us a bath and I secretly brought the candles with me, while he was waiting outside. I placed the candles on the side of the tub, counter, and the floor, and lit them. After the tub was filled with water, I turned off the light, went out and led him back in. He was very impressed. Hehe.

Overall it was a very good trip. It was also our first trip together. Hopefully we get to take one again soon... Oh, have I mentioned that he is going to study abroad for the second half of 2009? He's actually going to leave California after school is over in mid May to go back to Washington, and then he is going to China in mid June and will not be back (to Washington) until right before Christmas. Yup... I will be quite lonely then and maybe I will update this blog more often. I am sad that I won't be able to see him for such a long time, and I am also worried that our relationship might change. At the same time, I am happy for him because this is something he really wanted to do and was selected to be one of the few students to participate in the program. We had both decided to stay in a committed, monogomous relationship, even when he's in China. It will be hard, I know, but we are willing to give it a try.