hey hey hey

How's it going, guys? I am doing good. I am getting a year older in a week (blah) and not looking forward to getting old, but it's life, right? Work's been getting busier. Summer has been historically our slow season, but hopefully this is a good thing and can only lead to more business later this year. It's better than not having any business and getting laid off. lol.

I've been exercising regularly lately. Recently I came to realize that I should not just spend all my time on sleeping, working, eating, and fooling around on my computer. I need to have a healthier lifestyle and become more fit. I did not join a gym, although I sort of want to (LA Fitness - let me know if you know of any good deals). I just go running outside and do some basic weight training at home. Another motivation is that I don't want Pomona Boy to come back and see a fat boyfriend. Ha ha.

Pomona Boy just finished his summer semester in China and has about 3 weeks off before the fall semester starts. Instead of going on some tours that his friends are doing, he decided to stay at the dorm and just chill for 3 weeks. I thought he might get really bored, but he said he's actually looking forward to relaxing and doing nothing for 3 weeks. I am counting down to the day he returns to the US, and there are 111 days left as of today. I was really paranoid before he left that something bad might happen and our relationship might not withstand the long distance. After having been apart for 2 months now, I feel our relationship is getting stronger and I really can see us "surviving" (for lack of a better word) through this. I cannot wait for his return and to hold him in my arms again. I requested to have time off later this year and was recently approved by my manager. I am planning on flying to Washington on Christmas and spending it with Pomona Boy. Ahhhh I really hope it will be a white Christmas! I will stay there until after the new year so we will be counting down together this year, since we didn't get to do it last year and I was really bummed out about it.

Is it Christmas yet?