Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year!

I really hated 2008. I cannot wait for it to be over. I am especially sad because I don't get to kiss Pomona Boy at midnight tonight. I was supposed to go to The Factory (a club in West Hollywood) tonight with a few friends (actually, two couples), so I could watch them kiss at midnight and break them up. But on Monday my friends decided to stay home on New Years Eve instead and canceled on me. I was so bummed out. Now not only will I not be able to kiss Pomona Boy, but I also get to be alone, all by myself, eating junk and getting fat tonight. I HATE THIS!!! I am not even going to turn on the TV. I am going to bed at 8 PM!!!!!!!!!!

Pomona Boy did say he will give me 8 (New Years Eve kisses) when I go see him in January though... Ha ha. He'd better make it up to me.

Anyway, I wish whoever is reading this a very eventful New Years Eve (don't be like mine) and a prosperous 2009 filled with joy and love.


Merry Christmas Eve!

Have a great Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Happy New Year! I don't want any presents. I just want Santa:


Counting Down to Christmas!

Exactly 7 days from today, it'll be Christmas. I am looking forward to having just one day off, even though I do have to work on Wednesday and Friday. It sucks that Christmas and New Year fall on a Thursday this year and work is too busy for me to take Fridays off to make it a 4-day weekend. I guess it's better to be busy and not being able to take time off, than to not have a job on Christmas. :-)

Last weekend I went to see Pomona Boy and had a lot of fun hanging out with him. It was the weekend before his finals week but he tried to do as much work as possible before I went, so he could spend more time with me. He did not finish a paper and I wanted him to do it on Sunday, but he chose to lay down on his bed with me pretty much the whole day. He he he. Pomona Boy took his last final today and is at the airport as I am typing this, waiting for his flight to go home (Seattle). I AM going to miss him. I booked a flight to go see him in January.
I am looking forward to the trip because I have never been to Seattle in winter, or a place that is equally cold. I plan to freeze to death. I cannot sleep at night if it's too cold, so it will be truly a reenactment of Sleepless in Seattle. Hopefully there will be something to do at night to keep me entertained since I can't sleep. Pomona Boy did say that he will make sure I am not cold at night. I am not quite sure what he meant by that. ;-p

Have a great week counting down to Christmas, everyone!


Fun Weekend

Well, typically people don't blog about their weekend on a Tuesday night. They do it on Sunday night, but I've been busy and this blog desperately needs a new post. Last Friday I drove to see Pomona Boy. I brought him a box of See's Candies which was one of the few Christmas presents I got him. We ate some of it while I helped him with some questions on his Chinese test and watched 24. He said nobody has bought him a box of chocolate before. Awww I am such a sweet guy. Ha ha.

We cuddled in his bed that night. (Before I've always just slept on a separate mattress on the floor). Shirts were off, but pants were on, you perverts.

On Saturday we woke up a little late, well, late for me, early for him. Neither of us slept well though, so I was tired for the rest of that day. We got up and walked to a cafeteria at his school to eat brunch. It was yummy. I love the food and the variety his school serves in their cafeterias. I never thought that dorm food can taste so good. Unfortunately he had to go to work in the afternoon, so I just took a loooooong nap in his room, got up and walked to where he worked to hang out. After we had dinner, we got back to his room and texted each other on his bed. LOL we were so like high school girls.

I leaned over and gave him a kiss on his cheek and said that's 1.5 base for him. I thought that first base was holding hands, and second base was making out (with tougne), so since it was a kiss on his cheek, I called it base 1.5. He laughed and said that it's not even first base. He thought first base was making out, and second base was handjobs. I don't know.... I guess western cultures are more open than Asian cultures. What do you think should be the first and second bases?

Anyway, I gave in and french kissed him... This was that time when my freaking friend called...... We were supposed to go clubbing in West Hollywood. I hadn't been there for years, literally! My friend was rushing me to get there before all the hotties went home with other hotties they met at the club.

"To be continued..." I said to Pomona Boy. I got up and packed my stuff, gave him a long hug and headed for L.A.

I met my friends at their place first to have a drink and then we took a taxi to WeHo. First stop... the Abbey. It looked different from the last time I was there, which was probably 3 or 4 years ago, perhaps longer. It was p-a-c-k-e-d! Then my friends took my to Cherrypop. Supposedly it's one of the more fun clubs in Weho... I wouldn't know. But indeed, it was a lot of fun. I don't and can't dance. You will mistaken me for a straight boy if you see me dancing. The only way I could loosen up and shake my butt is when I am buzzed and the club is crowded. Both criteria were met that night... so I danced my ass off. We stayed until the club closed at 2 AM (BOOOOO!!!!!) It was a very fun night. I got to drink and hang out with my friends, and meet their hot friends, too. Ha ha. I shall go clubbing with them soon.

Anyway, that's how my weekend went. I am going to see Pomona Boy this weekend again before he leaves CA and goes back home (a really cold place that's 1000 miles away) for his winter break. :-(

Hope you all have a great week!