New Abercrombie Boy

Doesn't the new Abercrombie boy look so delicious? I want to take advantage of him.

Thank you!

I am sitting here typing this, thanking Allah, Buddha, and Jesus (Disclaimer: This order discloses no preference. They are merely listed in alphabetical order.) I am only here to make a strong statement... In the upcoming election, I don't care if you vote for McCain or Obama, just don't vote for Hilary. Why? You may ask. Here's the why.

Today I drove down to Orange County. I was cruising at 70 mph on the 405, enjoying my music and the breeze brushing against my hair. It was going to be a very nice day until a woman driving two lanes to my right decided to change two lanes at the same time. She did not turn her head to check her blind spot. I almost peed in my pants. I had to quickly cross the double yellow line and cut into the carpool lane. I honked at her but she didn't even turn her head or make any apologetic gestures. She just slowly moved back to the lane next to me and slowed down so she could get behind me and go into the carpool lane. It also didn't seem like that she had another passenger in her, either. Seriously, I hate stupid drivers. You don't just change two lanes at once on a crowded freeway like the 405. It makes me so mad that bad drivers like them are allowed to be on the road, driving around like a bomb that can go off any minute, hurting everyone close by.

So anyway, back to my propaganda... If Hilary is elected, then there will be NO CHANCE that we can prohibit women from driving. I am going to get the bumper sticker that says "Vote McCain/Obama, make our roads safer." I have nothing against women, just their driving skills. Especially you, soccer moms.

Okay now seriously... I was just using Hilary and women to make a joke. It just so happened that the driver who tried to kill me today was a woman. I mean... what are the odds of you almost getting killed by a crazy driver and they turning out to be a woman?



Easter isn't really a big deal for me. You can't blame me. I grew up in a different culture, and it's not a work day off. I know it's a pretty big holiday for most people in the U.S. So yesterday I was invited over to The Boyfriend's parents' house to have an Easter lunch. All of a sudden, Easter meant something to me... it's a day I get to have a GOOD (and FREE) home cooked meal. We had honey baked ham, green bean casserole, scallop potato, etc. A really delicious all-American meal. Yum!

After lunch, The Boyfriend had his annual Easter egg hunt. I can't believe his parents still does this for him. This year they trimmed down a little though. Instead of hiding a dozen eggs in the backyard (with changes in them), they just hid one with a couple bigger bills in it. It was so obvious to me where they hid it. I didn't have to walk out to the backyard and I knew where they hid it, but it still took The Boyfriend forever to find it. Ha ha. What a strange family.

Well, I hope you all had a great Easter.


WTF - The Great Illinois Corn Flake

The WTF entry of this week/semi-month/month/whatever is the eBay auction of The Great Illinois Corn Flake. This auction sold for $1,350. I am dumping out all of my cereal and corn flakes now trying to find the planet Mars, Brad Pitt, and most importantly, the Virgin Mary.

It's auctions like this (and bidders like those who bid on it) that caused more stupid auctions like this (funny descriptions though... I'll give him that).

Come back soon for more WTF blog entries, featuring Jim Cramer on Bear Stearns, $4.00 gas, and the War in Iraq.

Sunday Brunch - Archie Kao

Archie David Kao (born on December 14, 1973) is an American film and television actor. He is best known for his role as Archie Johnson in the hit television series, CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, as well as the role of Kai Chen in Power Rangers Lost Galaxy. Power Rangers was my favorite kiddie show growing up because of the frequent revelation of skin of those hot male power rangers.

Kao was born in Washington D.C, U.S. to Chinese-American parents. He attended George Mason University where he joined the Sigma Chi Fraternity and graduated with a degree in Speech Communication. Kao was elected Homecoming King while at George Mason University. While at GMU, he served as student body president (as well as vice-president the year prior). He had planned to attend law school and possibly work in politics before becoming an actor.
Kao speaks and understands rudimentary Mandarin Chinese because he grew up in a bilingual household. He also studied French for six years while in school.

Poor guy got killed too quickly in the horror movie - The Hills Have Eyes 2. I am sorry that most of these pictures are screen captures.


Stock Market

News just came out that JP Morgan is buying Bear Stearns at $2 per share. Bear's CEO came on air last Tuesday assuring the market and investors that their company is not in trouble, and four days later, their stock is coming down from $63 (last Tuesday's price) to $2. Asian markets are tanking right now because of this news. Dow future is currently down 300 points. I am going to be too scared to watch the news tomorrow. Maybe I should be looking for a second job... anyone interested in hiring a stripper tutor?


Asian Boys

I feel like Chinese food tonight.

Weekend Plans

1. Pick up where I left off on Harry Potter 7 - don't tell me what happens!

2. Play the new Wii game that I got last week - Super Mario Galaxy. This game is really fun but is more difficult than how I remember all the other Mario games were.

3. I was going to Disneyland on Sunday, but since my neck still hurts like a bitch, I don't feel like driving all the way there and getting jerked around on the rides. Next weekend maybe...

4. Work on my taxes. I think I have to send money to my favorite uncle this year. BOOOOOOOO!!!!


Oh Behave!

After a little over a month, my neck was finally feeling better, but I had to be stupid and hit my head on Monday. I guess that affected the part of my neck that was hurt and the pain is back. Monday night, or Tuesday morning, I woke up at 2 AM because the pain was so intolerable that it kept me awake. I was so tired the whole day yesterday and was literally dozing off at work. Last night I slept better though, most likely because I was so tired.

So on Monday I went to get gas. Having to pay so much for gas was as painful as my neck. As I pulled into the gas station, I saw a car driving away from a pump. I drove up behind him and took the spot. I then saw him turn around and went to another pump at the opposite end of the gas station. It turned out that he was just pulling forward, trying to back into the spot I was in, but I took it before he could. OOPS! I felt so bad! So I walked over and apologized. He said it's no problem and he totally understood, and that it's not my fault, etc. We then kissed and made up in front of all the other customers. Wait... scratch that... It was just me daydreaming because he's kinda cute. Where's that missed connection he posted looking for me???

His cuteness was, however, not the main reason that I walked over and apologized. I don't know why, but I feel like I have to act "nicely" all the time because I am Asian. I always think I should look presentable, give generous tips, walk straight, smile at people, drive like a normal person, getting A's on high school math and science exams (just living up to the stereotype), etc. because I don't want my careless bad behavior to reflect on the entire Asian community. I don't want people to think that because I shamelessly took someone's gas pump, all Asians must be shameless and rude. Not that I wouldn't have apologized if I were in Asia... I just think sometimes I am doing extra stuff and being more careful about what I do and say if I am surrounded by people of other races.... You know... sort of like how Americans always try to behave themselves in other countries.


I'm Listening

I saw CNN reporting this and found the video on YouTube. This is a recorded hate speech by Rep. Sally Kern of Oklahoma. She claims that homosexuality is the biggest threat to this country, even more so than terrorism and Islam. She refuses to apologize because she is "an American with the freedom of speech."


Fun Night

I am down in Orange County for the weekend. I promised to take a friend out for her birthday. Even though a group of us friends celebrates our birthdays, she and I always take each other out separately for our birthdays. We celebrated her birthday back in January, but I haven't been able to see her since then, hence the late dinner tonight. So anyway, I took her out to a fairly nice Japanese restaurant. I wasn't very hungry so I just ordered a salmon skin hand roll and a spider roll (no, they didn't put spiders in it). She ordered a dinner combination plate with beef teriyaki and saba misoyaki, and she ordered a salmon skin hand roll as well because I recommended it to her. Gosh she has a figure of an elf but she eats like an ogre.

After dinner, she felt like seeing a movie called The Other Boleyn Girl. I admitted I never heard of it. I thought the movie was called The Other Bowling Girl at first. Anyway, we went to three movie theaters. We missed the movie by 20 minutes at the first theater and the next one wasn't until 2 hours later. I then drove us to two other movie theaters nearby but neither of them were showing it. I guess I sort of lucked out because the movie didn't sound very interesting to me the way she described it. I did just look it up now and the trailer looked okay. Eric Bana is in it though, and I think he's absolutely HOT, and if I am to see the movie, he would be the only reason.

Since we couldn't see any movie, I suggested that we just go to a boba place and hang out. Of course we went to our favorite boba place near UCI. She wanted to play scrabble there, so we did. (Must obey a birthday girl's wishes). She, being an Asian American born and raised on American corn and potato, was much better at the game than I was. She was leading all the way utill the end, when she put out a free I, and I happened to have Q and Z which were both worth 10 points, and an U. I landed on 2x letter cell and 3x word cell and crushed her with the addition of 96 points. She thought I got lucky and of course she didn't want to play any more (LOL). I told her I would frame the score card.

Good times! I really need to come down to the O.C. more often since most of my friends are down here. I don't like driving down here because of the gas price ($3.60 and rising in my area) and the traffic. I guess I do have to make some sacrifices sometimes. I hope you all are having a great weekend as well!

With much love,


Queer Eye For The Boring Ride

I've been feeling a little sick lately. I woke up last Friday with a sore throat, and it got worse over the weekend. On top of that I also got a headache yesterday. Today I felt drowsy the whole day but I still managed to do as much as work as I could. Boy I hope I feel better tomorrow.

So I've been thinking about what to put in my car. I am looking for stickers right now, and again, I don't want sticky stickers. I only want static ones that can be easily peeled off. These are so hard to find I think I might just end up getting a regular bumper sticker but put it inside the rear window.

I found a few designs that I like on I thought about the TV shows I like: 24 and Lost. Putting these stickers are probably safe for my car from vandalism. Even if you absolutely hate these TV shows, you are unlikely to scratch my car or break a window for it.

Or I can express my Asian ethnicity. However if some people with necks of a certain color close to that of red pepper who happen to not like Asians very much might scratch my car... only because they are jealous of me, of course!

Or, I can be even more blunt and just lay it out there that I am gay. These stickers are dangerous though in my opinion. I might as well stick my ass out of the car window to get gang raped. I do feel like getting one of these though because they are pretty, and I am just shallow like that.

(Not that people don't honk at me enough already... I am an Asian driver, after all!)(Perfect! In time for St. Patrick's Day, too!)

And the last one is quite special ... this is actually NOT a Chinese character. But it does look like one and also depicts a popular (?) sex position among gays (I think... I really wouldn't know because I am NOT gay!), so it does have its subtle gayness with an Asian touch. It's so me! It's too bad that the only products I found with this design are clothes, mugs, and mouse pads, but not stickers...

Which one is your favorite?