Money Talk

No, I will not be talking about hot guys in this post. Look closer to the crotch area. I am talking about money. First I must say that I am no econ major, nor did I take any econ classes other than the one satisfying the general education requirements. Don't laugh at me if I sound stupid.

Tomorrow the fed is going to decide if they are going to cut more. I think they will although I don't think they need to. I am not a financial expert, but I don't think things are as bad as people think. Cutting the rate more is just going to show us that they are scared. Instead, they should come out and reassure people that it's really not that bad, and perhaps pay some of these "financial experts" like Jim Cramer to say so on their shows as well. Sure, more than 50% of my liquidity is in the stock market, so I might benefit more if they do cut the rate, but Wall Street is just as unpredictable and hard-to-please as a woman (now I know why I am gay), and these babies are just going to want more and more rate cuts.

I am glad that I made a wise financial decision last week. Right after they did the emergency rate cut of 75 basis points last week, I opened a 6-month CD at Wamu and put half of my savings in there. I figured I wouldn't need that money in the next 6 months anyway, so I might as well lock in the interest rate of 4.85%. Three days later, they dropped the rate to 4%. Do I hear any applause?

I wonder what everyone thinks about Bush's stimulus plan. Apparently most lawmakers like it. I do like getting $600 in the mail, especially because I've been bleeding in the stock market. But what about the government's deficit? We (taxpayers) will end up paying for it in the end anyway. It seems to me that they are just trying to patch up a levee that's about to break with a band-aid. I also think that Bush is trying to leave a legacy behind. He wants to be the President on our history books that rescues the U.S. economy by passing this plan. Let someone else be the one that has to raise taxes and make our citizens live paycheck by paycheck. What the heck... why worry about tomorrow's problems today, right?



Today The Boyfriend and I sneaked between two major storms and use the few hours we had to watch the movie Cloverfield. I must say that I did get a little dizzy watching the movie since it was shot entirely with hand held cameras. Not too much though. The story is very simple overall. A bunch of friends were at a party in New York while someone or something mysteriously attacked New York. They basically were using the camera to document the attack. Using hand held cameras added so much more tension and realism to the movie. If you want to try something different, I highly recommend you see it. I do have one criticism though: **** SPOILER ALERT **** DO NOT CONTINUE IF YOU PLAN TO SEE THE MOVIE ****

**** SPOILER BEGINS (Highlight text below to read it) ****

I felt the ending was a little weak. Of course, what happened to the characters would have prevented the movie to continue, but they could have showed that the U.S. military saved us all and the characters were to find out what attacked us and why. The movie ended abruptly and left me hanging. Overall the movie's still good though.

**** SPOILER ENDS ****


I Knew It! (& Hackers Wanted)

I knew it! These freaking morons are at it again. Members of the idiotic Westboro Baptist church, who have been protesting at funerals of U.S. soldiers killed in Iraq already made signs to hold outside of the Oscars and Heath Ledger's funeral. Signs that say "God Hates Fags" and "Heath In Hell".

This is taken out of a news article about these idiots.
Read the full article here.

Though Ledger was not gay, the church believes he "misused the giant megaphone given to him by God Almighty to speak the truth about fags," Phelps-Roper said, and instead "used his position of prominence to say God is a liar and that homosexuality is not an abomination."

This is what the church is putting on their flier:

Heath Ledger is now in Hell, and has begun serving his eternal sentence there - beside which, nothing else about Heath Ledger is relevant or consequential.

I cannot believe people with such narrow minds live today and I am completely disgusted by them. This group of people also hates America and think we are all perverts. I say that if they hate us so much, we should offer free one-way tickets for them to leave this country.

Do you have any hacker friend that knows how to put gay sex images on the church's website?
I think it will be a lot of fun doing so and post on their website that it's a message from their God.


Rest In Peace, Heath

When the news came out, it was a complete shock to me and I couldn't believe what I heard. Heath is one of my favorite actors. It's so sad. Rest in peace, Heath.

Heath Ledger, 1979~2008.


2008 Calendars

I can't believe that I am still looking for a calendar now January is half over. Check out these hot 2008 calendars. The first one is by Cameron Frost, who is a young and hot photographer. I remember that I used to go to his website where he posted many of his own photos and photos he took of other cute guys. I was in college then. I am very excited to find out that there is a calendar of his work.
Here are some other calendars that I am considering getting. Too bad I can't hang them up at work.


The Amazing Race

I am so excited! Last night on The Amazing Race, the teams got to go to Taiwan! I think this was the first time that the show ever had the contestants go to Taiwan. I've always thought that there's some political issues involved (because of China) that discourage the show producers not to go there. It was so nice to see it on national TV! One of the teams was a father and daughter team. Right after they said that they thought they were smarter than the other teams, they showed the guy from another team saying, "I don't know anything about Taiwan, but I like Thai food!" OMG! What an idiot! Thai food is from Thailand, not from Taiwan! And he also pronounced the city "Taipei" as "Ta-Pie". You would think that they would do some studying before going on the show. I know I would. I don't want to look stupid on national TV.

So anyway, they showed various locations in Taiwan, and I was happy that they all looked very clean. I also got the same comments from my coworkers today. They were surprised at how clean the places looked. Hopefully at the beginning of next week's episode (finale), the teams will get to go up Taipei 101!



Today I went with The Boyfriend to the driving range at a nearby golf course. This is the first time I've been to one. I was expecting to see a lot of old people (no offense to anyone out there), and I did. But I saw quite a few young kids and studs as well. As I was dodging The Boyfriend's balls The Boyfriend was attempting to hit the balls straight, I stood there and checked out the cute boys around us. I saw this guy in his mid 20's at the start of the 18-hole course. I never realized that golf could be such a sexy sport. He swung the club and revealed the shape of his built body under the fitted pink polo shirt. I could see his thick chest and tight waist, and his butt seemed to want to escape from the khakis shorts. Gosh! It was so hot! I am going to go early next time and try to hit some balls myself (and try not to miss them and look like a complete idiot, unless the pink polo guy can teach me a thing or two).

I guess golf is not a sport for retired people any more. It is still for rich people though.


Swimmer Boys

Strong arms. Broad shoulders. Defined abs. My new year resolution...


I am such a flaming queer

I am such a flaming queer that my Wii knows about it. I was playing this game called Carnival Games, in which there are many mini games commonly seen at carnivals. One of the "machines" is a fortune teller. You give them 15 tickets and then ask a yes/no question in your head. Just out of fun, I asked if I was gay. Then the fortune teller said "I don't see why not." Gosh was my Wii feeling the heat that I emitted?

Work's getting a little better now that everyone is back. I am not as overloaded as I was in the past few weeks.
Work just seems to suck the life out of me sometimes. I need some excitements at work. A hot new intern will do, but I don't think we are hiring. Sigh.

The Boyfriend has been talking to this guy online. They met on an online social website and have been exchanging emails. I don't know anything about the other guy, and The Boyfriend had mentioned a few times that they wanted to meet in person. Some time last week they talked about meeting up on the weekend. The Boyfriend asked me if I wanted to go with him. I didn't really care either way, but I couldn't do it last weekend. He then asked me if I would mind if he went on his own. I said... maybe a little but not really, as long as he doesn't do anything stupid. He then said that he's not going to go because he wouldn't have liked it if I meet random guys on my own. But seriously, I trust his judgment, and if he believes that this guy is decent enough to be friends with, then why not? What do you guys think?