Gay Exorcism

It amazes me how something like this is still happening... in this country.


Pomona Boy in China

I got back on Tuesday night from hanging out with Pomona Boy. We had a lot of fun. We went canoeing at the University of Washington and hung out with his friends. He also had his birthday party/family reunion/going-away party while I was there, and I was very fortunate to have met his father's side of the family. Everyone was very nice to me, and I hope I left a good impression on them.

Pomona Boy just arrived in China a couple hours ago. I got a chance to talk to him on AIM and Facebook. It's going to be a long 6-month coming up!


Surprise -> No Surprise

You all know I "was" going to surprise Pomona Boy next week by showing up at his doorstep in Washington, so we get to see each other before he leaves for China. Well... last Sunday when we were talking on the phone, he told me that he had some bad news...

He told me that he knew my secret, that I was going to surprise him by visiting him. The reason that he knew, was his best friend told him. When I was planning the surprise, I tracked down his best friend and his sister on Facebook and asked for their advice and make some plans. Well, he was talking to his best friend about 1 week prior to this, and he mentioned that he "originally planned" to come down to CA to visit me and just fly to China from LAX. I guess his friend misunderstood him and told him that I already planned to visit him, to make sure he doesn't change his plan and come down, and we would miss each other. Nice! Very nice! LOL. I think she should have checked with Pomona Boy's sister first and make sure that he's not changing his flight. His sister was very angry at his best friend for just bluntly telling him without confirming anything with her first. Oh well... guess whose name is crossed out on the secret surprise planning committee? :-p

Since he found out, Pomona Boy told me that he was debating whether to tell me the truth, or act that he didn't know and just pretend to be surprised. Ha ha. Now that would have just been silly. He also thought about showing up at the airport with his sister and surprise me instead. I would have LOVED it. I think that's what I would have done if I were in his situation. But he wasn't sure how I would take it or if I would be upset that my surprise was ruined. So anyway, he decided to tell me the truth a week after he found out. I wasn't upset at all though. He said he was very surprised when he found out and he thought that it was very sweet of me to want to do this.

Originally I had planned to just leave him alone to run his errands or do them with him when I am there, since those days will be his last few days in the U.S., and I am sure that he would have tons of errands to do, things to buy, etc. Now that he knows, he is just going to plan around it, so we will end up being able to spend more quality time together. I guess it works out better this way.

Anyway, I am flying out next Thursday night. I cannot wait to see my baby!