Shame on California

Well, today the California Supreme Court announced their ruling on the legality of prop 8 and decided that the ban on gay marriage should be upheld. Shame, shame, SHAME on California. It amazes me that as a country that prides itself on its democracy, peace, and equality, people in this country can still be so narrow-minded. What is it to you that you must impose your religious beliefs on other people? Feel free to follow your belief in "traditional marriage," but don't force other people to follow your beliefs. Why is it that gay people have to live the way you expect them to? How is it bothering your life? Why is it that gay couples can't make important medical decisions for each other, pass properties or estates to their significant others when they die, adopt children, or file taxes as married? Why is it that gay couples can't have the same rights as straight couples do?

What is your so-called traditional marriage? Is it a marriage between a man and a woman which has a 50% chance of success? Is that really better than two people of the same sex who are truly in love getting married to each other?

I fucking hate conservative people. Really. I truly do. Ahhhh it makes me so angry!

Read the CNN article here.


Cross Your Fingers!

The California Supreme Court announced today that it will rule Tuesday 5/26 on the constitutionality of Proposition 8, the November ballot measure that resurrected a ban on same-sex marriage.

The ruling, which will be posted at 10 a.m., will also determine whether an estimated 18,000 same-sex marriages will continue to be recognized by the state.

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Thank you

Thank you, Paul, Jon, Jeremy and Bruce, for the kind suggestions. I took Pomona Boy to the airport yesterday and he's now back in Washington. I cried yesterday morning. :-(

I tracked down his sister on Facebook a couple weeks ago and have been talking to her about my plan to go visit him. I asked her to check with their parents, and they are absolutely fine with the idea. His sister said it was very sweet of me to want to do this. So it sounds like I have his family's support. I booked my flight today, and it was diiiiirt cheap. Roundtrip non-stop airfare between LAX and SEA for less than $150. Good deal, huh? (Btw it is Virgin America, one of my favorite airlines). His sister will pick me up at the airport. Since it will be pretty late when I arrive, we are just going to sneak into his house and knock on his door to surprise him that way. I am going to tell him that I am seeing a movie with a friend to cover the few hours when I am unreachable. Once I land, I will sign on AIM on my iPhone and chat with him on the way to his house. The next thing he knows, his beloved boyfriend will knock on his door, perhaps with flowers if his boyfriend can find some at the airport. Ha ha ha. What a genius plan. Call me Dr. Evil!

Jon - he's going to China to study Chinese for a semester.


Need Your Opinion

Pomona Boy is coming over to stay at my place for a few days and flying back to Seattle next week. He then leaves for China in mid June, and he's not coming back to the states until mid December (then California in mid January). This means that once he leaves here next week, I won't be able to see him for 8 months, which is double the amount of time we have been boyfriends. LOL. Before meeting him, I never thought long distance relationships could work. Really! But now I am in this situation myself and I really want to make it work. Both of us do. I hope it works out for us. I know he will be worth the wait, and I think he feels the same way about me, too.

Anyway, what I need your opinion on is this. For the past couple of days, I've thought about flying up to Seattle the weekend before he leaves and surprise him. I emailed his best friend in Seattle about it and wanted to get her opinion and see if she could come up with any ideas of surprising him, but I haven't heard back. Pomona Boy will turn 21 a few days after he arrives in China, so if I fly up in June, I can also celebrate his birthday with him. I really want to do this. I really want to see him one last time before he leaves. I already checked with my manager and make sure that I can get time off on those days. BUT, I don't know if he's going to think I am a crazy psycho stalker that wouldn't leave him alone to spend the last few days with his family. I am not trying to "compete" with his family or friends up there and take him away from spending time with them, but I also want to spend those days with him. I don't know... maybe I am over-thinking. Do you think you would be happy to see me if you were him?

If you have some cool ideas of how I can surprise him, please let me know, too. The flight I am looking to book lands late at night.


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Have a good weekend, guys!