I'll Be Back

I am going to sin, and I shall be back soon to make my confession. Hope you all have a great week at work while I get drunk and check out the hot guys by the pool.


Favorite Fairy Tale

I hate Alice in Wonderland. I think I might have had nightmares after watching it when I was little. There's something about the story that seems so dark... the stupid cat and the hole. Now it still gives me goosebumps whenever I think about it. My favorite fairy tale is actually Disney's Sleeping Beauty. Move over, Alice and the stupid cat!
A sleeping man is attractive to me. There's something about being in the sleeping state that draws me. Maybe it's because men are quiet and motionless when they sleep, giving me a chance to admire their hard, defined bodies. Or maybe it's because they can seem so vulnerable and helpless. It makes me want to take advantage (evil grin).

Busy Night

I love Thursdays, especially today because many of my favorite shows are on:

8 PM: Survivor (Sorry, Ugly Betty, I am just going to have to watch you online)
9 PM: The Office
10 PM: Lost

Does any of you watch these shows?

Days left before my Vegas trip: 3. Yay!


Ahh... Message

I just got back from Glen Ivy (a day spa chain in So Cal) with The Boyfriend. He got a coupon last week from them that gives both him and a friend 50% off their services. It was a great deal for the price. For the price that you regularly pay for a mediocre massage at a run-down spa, you get a professional (supposedly) one and you have access to the steam room and jacuzzi. My massage was EXCELLENT. My back has been bothering me lately, and my masseur took care of it. Now the soreness and pain on my back are ALL gone. I feel like I am floating in the air right now. Ahh... the bliss of a massage. I wish I could afford to get one regularly. In case you are wondering... No, we didn't get a couple's massage.

The weather in Southern California was really hot 2 weekends ago. The Boyfriend's laptop broke because he left it in his trunk for just 5 minutes when he was picking up his dry-cleaned clothes. The plastic frame around the monitor split and the laptop wouldn't close. It's a piece of crap made by HP. So anyway, that gave him an excuse to get a new one. He ordered a new one from Dell immediately the next day. As a good boyfriend, I could not allow him to throw away his money like this. The laptop still works. The only problem with it is that you can't close it and travel with it. The cheap Asian smart consumer in me screamed and asked him if he bought it with his American Express credit card. Luckily he did. The reason that I asked was that I knew AmEx doubles your manufacturer's warranty for up to 1 year. I asked him to call them, and they were very happy to help. They offered several options. Either he can get a written estimate
, which they would pay for, from a local electronics store (like Best Buy) and get it fixed, and AmEx would reimburse the repair charge. Or he can ship it to them and they will get it repaired for him. They would send him a pre-paid box to send it, too. If they think it would cost more than how much the laptop's worth to fix it, they would just ship it back to him and give him the cash (equivalent to the current value of the laptop). They were very nice on the phone, and even called him back a day later to follow up. Such nice customer service... I am REALLY impressed by AmEx!!



Today I had the biggest gains in the stock market since I began investing about a year ago. Thanks to GOOG:

No, I don't have thousands of shares, not even hundreds, not even 20... I wish I had bought more at $438 a months ago though. I know that a lot of people made thousands of thousands today on GOOG, and some lost that much. I guess I shouldn't complain about my tiny earnings because I least I didn't short that stock. Ka ching! Here comes my gambling money for Vegas!

Last week my coworkers and I proposed to our boss that we could work 9-hour days Monday through Thursday and get every other Friday off. Today our proposal was sort of shut down. It would have been nice to get a 3-day weekend every other weekend. Fridays are usually so quiet for us, and we get most of our work done Monday through Thursday, so it really doesn't affect the company that much, but it would benefit us a lot. Oh well...


Wii Fit !

I got it! I just pre-ordered Wii Fit on Amazon. This game looks so fun and I am sure it will motivate me to be more active. I can't wait!

Another thing I can't wait for is my brief vacation to Vegas at the end of this month. There's a trade show I am going to and I am taking some more time off for vacation. I want to watch some Cirque du Soleil shows like KA or O, but they are freaking expensive... Does anyone know how to get discounted tickets to these shows? I also want to go to a spa and get pampered.
Ahh... the joy of a massage... The last time I used any vacation time was May of 2007. I've worked non-stop for the past year, and on one hand, I think I deserve this vacation, but on the other hand, I am being a cheap Asian and don't want to spend that much money. Sometimes I wonder what I save my money for. I only live once, and I am not going to have kids, so who would I give my life's savings to when I die? Why not just spend it all on myself and enjoy my life, eh?

I got Mariah's new album E = MC2 and it's arriving tomorrow. Can't wait!



It's our anniversary this week, so The Boyfriend and I went to Disneyland today to celebrate. This is the second time I got to go back after I bought the annual pass last year for Gay Days Disneyland (part 1, part 2). I must say it's not a very good day for Disneyland because it was way toooooo hot, and the hot guys (especially the High School Musical performer wearing a Wild Cats jersey) in the park didn't help cooling down the weather at all. My highlight of the day was to sit in the first seat in Splash Mountain and got completely soaked. When we left at 2 PM, it was 102 degrees outside. I hope this heat wave leaves soon...

Hope you all had a great weekend! I am not looking forward to going back to work for another week.


My Brothers

The four of us were out playing some kind of sport. We all got very sweaty and decided to go back home to take a shower. For some reason we wanted to take it together. We took our clothes off and got into the shower. One of my brothers is really hot and has a great body. He and I got in the shower first while the other two were getting ready. The shower was small. I don't know why but I began running my hands all of my hot brother's defined chest. I got on my knees and began servicing him. His penis was a bit too big and hard, and I want to say it's sharp....

and then that's when I woke up yesterday and found myself sucking my thumb... I am not kidding.

I don't even have brothers, not to mention Caucasian ones. The hot brother in my dream was actually TJ from Corbin Fisher... he's so hot (the one with orange shorts in the first picture):

And this is sort of like what happened in my dream...


BJ 'n the Office

Last night The Boyfriend and I went out to have some BJ's. I love BJ's. I thought our waiter was gay. He was overly friendly with us and I am just not used to having a white guy being nice to me. It must be The Boyfriend, because usually when I go out with Asian friends or family members, we get one of the tables in the corner of the restaurant. So anyway, our waiter was nice and kind of cute. He kept coming by to give us more BJ's............ water. We should have asked him to come home with us and have a hot threesome. (Only kidding!)

Today I began watching The Office (U.S. version). I fell in love with it and am currently doing a The Office Marathon on NetFlix. It's my type of humor... dry and witty. Also there are quite a lot of jokes about racism, sexism, and other stereotypes... which I love to hear and tell if you can't tell from my past blog entries already. I just finished an episode where the boss Mike (Steve Carell) gave awards to the employees, and this Indian girl got the Spicy Curry award. That cracked me up and made me fall off my chair. I can't believe I didn't begin watching the show sooner. A bonus about that show is Jim (John Krasinski). He is very cute, kinda dorky and has a great smile. Ah... can't resist those charming dorky guys.


New Wii Game

Wow I can't believe that someone is actually making my idea come true. I've always thought that it would be fun to create a Wii video game for adults where you can use the remote as a penis/dildo type of object to accomplish different "tasks." I saw today that a new Wii game called Super Pii Pii Brothers that allows you to strap on the Wii remote control on your waist and you can hold it like a penis. The main objective is to pee into the toilets in front of you, spilling as little as possible. It would be a good game for little boys and for girls who have always dreamed about peeing while standing up! What a cool idea! I hope to see that the concept can evolve so we can do MUCH more creative things with the penis. Look at the video below.

Product Features:

  • Video Game for Nintendo Wii Provides a Virtual Peeing Experience
  • Amazing Realistic Pee Fluid Dynamics
  • Imported from Japan
  • Comes with game disc and Wiimote belt harness
  • Includes cross regional boot disc to allow play on US Wii consoles
  • Minimal Japanese text makes game easy to understand if you can't read Japanese
  • Over 100 different peeing environments with multiple toilet and urinal styles
  • Up to two players can compete with dueling pee streams
If you are interested, you can purchase the game here. If you add it to your cart, you will find a special free gift, too! Check it out (and don't forget to add it to your cart to see the free gift)!!