If You Hate Telemarketers...

You might want to consider doing this. It's hilarious.

Catching Up

Ok... whew... finally I have some time to sit down and blah blog about me. I've been locking myself in my room in the past week to watch Keanu Faria on Bel Ami's French Kiss. He has to be one of the prettiest boys I've ever seen.

I am only kidding. I didn't lock myself in my room watching him, although he IS one of the prettiest boys I've seen. I've actually been sick and busy. Last Wednesday, I woke up feeling dizzy. I thought it was just because I didn't have enough sleep. I debated whether to go to work, and I decided to go. I took a shower, got dressed, put on one sock, and as I was about to put on the second one, I had this uncontrollable sensation that something's coming out of my stomach. Yup! I puked. My stomach cramped and it hurt like someone sticks a knife into your guts and stirs everything up. I said to myself, that's it, I am not going to work today, and therefore I took my very first sick day. The good news is that it just came and went like that, and I felt much better after I threw up 6 times that day.

But being sick did not excuse me from what was coming up. We actually moved on the Memorial Day weekend. I spent Thursday and Friday packing up all my stuff. I never liked moving. It's hard labor and not fun at all. I also realized how much clothes I had. I gave 3 bags away to charity and stored 4 16-gallon tubs of clothes in the garage, and my closet is still full. If I mention anything about buying clothes for myself on this blog in the next month, somebody please spank slap me. Oh harder, mister, harder!!

After we moved, then there's the endless unpacking and rearranging. Gosh it feels so boring and repetitive... you put everything is a box, move it, open it, and take everything out. My arsonist personality wanted to light everything on fire and just start over at the new place so I wouldn't have to move it. (Oh no, I don't mean you, Wii Wii. Daddy loves you!) I do love the new place a lot though. It's in a good neighborhood with a nice pool, and it's close to everything. It's also close to a high school so I should be seeing some hot 18-year-old football jocks or 18-year-old swimmers. Note I did bold 18-year-old.

Oh, I forgot to mention that I had a dream a couple nights ago that I was having oral sex with a fellow blogger, who shall remain unnamed forever. It was pretty hot. ;p


A Quickie

I have not been kidnapped by aliens. I am still here, but just really really really busy. I will write an update soon. Hope you all have a great week!


American Idol Finale

David Archuleta was great on the American Idol Season 7 finale tonight. He's so cute that I want to pinch his face, kiss his cheeks, and tie him up in my bed and cuddle him all night!!!!!!!! Don't forget to vote!!!!
Song 1:

Song 2:

Song 3:


Intern Wanted

At work, most of us share the same printer, which is about 5 feet away from all of us. Sometimes when we print something out, we would forget to pick it up, or we pretend that we didn't print anything out and just wait for whoever picks up their print job next and gives us ours. I know... We are a bunch of lazy asses. I often joke with them that we need a college intern to pick up our print jobs. In my mind, I do secretly hope that someday we will hire a HOT college boy to be our intern. Here would be the job requirements in my opinion.

1. You must be good looking. (What's the point of being called a hot college intern that everyone in the office wants to shag if you are not good looking?) Race doesn't matter. Our company is an equal opportunity employer.

2. You must get our coffees right.

3. You must know how to enjoy yourself at work. We encourage our employees to have fun at work!

4. And you must know pleasure your coworkers... naked. Giving massages is a nice ice breaker for new interns to get to know us.

5. Our office is a professional environment, so you must get dressed up.

6. However, you are only required to wear a tie. We don't care about anything else.
If interested, please apply within. I need an intern that meets the job requirements above to be my personal assistant. Work is driving me crazy lately!

Does anyone of you have any hot interns at work? Please share (the story, and maybe the inters, too)!

Good Morning

Good morning! It's Monday! Aren't you looking forward to waking up early again and heading back to work/school and having another stressful week?


California ban on same-sex marriage struck down

  • Justices say gay couples just as capable as as anyone to raise kids
  • Governor says he will respect ruling, not pursue the matter further
  • Opponent calls ruling "worst kind of judicial activism"
  • State Supreme Court rules law unconstitutional on equal-protection ground
Read this article on CNN.

Today the California Supreme Court struck down the state's ban on same-sex marriages. Not that I want to get married, but I am happy about this huge leap in the liberation and civilization of people in California. Now who wants to move to California and get married?


Asian Night

If this blog is a club, it would be the Asian Night tonight.

Bad BJ!

My $600 stimulus payment showed up in my bank account yesterday, so I was in a good mood. Despite the fact that I transferred it into my savings account right away, I felt like spending it anyway. Since I was still recovering from my Vegas trip (a.k.a. addiction to alcohol), The Boyfriend and I went to BJ's and I ordered a cantaloupe martini, and it was great! It was not too sweet. They used real sort-of shredded cantaloupe in the drink, which was cool. That and my meatloaf sandwich were probably the best parts of the dinner, because their service sucked BIG TIME! First of all, it took forever for our waitress to come and get our drinks. When we were ordering our food, she was in such hurry to go to another table, she left before The Boyfriend could order a side salad to go with his dinner. She then had to come back to ask what we ordered again. She spilled my drink on the table when she came (bitch that probably cost me $1). She never got the ranch dressing we asked for. She never came back to refill our waters until we asked for it. She swiped my card and brought the slip back without a pen. I asked for one. She gave me one but it wouldn't write. I had to wait for her to walk by and ask for another one, and then she said "you guys are a pain in my butt." Ha ha ha. Shitty service. But I do like their food a lot. She probably didn't expect too much tip from us, and she was right.

So what are you doing with your $600? Or do you make too much to not get it?


Gay Days Vegas

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I just found out that there's a Gay Days Vegas and it's July 3~6 this year.
Visit their site here. Doesn't this look so much fun? Unfortunately The Boyfriend will be out of town at that time and he is prohibiting me from going without him. I am a slave, and I am not even black. Damn it, when am I going to get my 40 acres of farm and one mule?


Yesterday I was still recovering from my Vegas trip, so I went to see the movie 21 with The Boyfriend. If you don't know what the movie is about, it's about a group of MIT students who used card-counting techniques to make lots of money in Vegas. It's based on a true story. So anyway, we went to Macys before the movie because they had a friends & family event (20% off most stuff), and I saw their Emporio Armani underwear was on sale for 25% off. I think they said it's the first time these Emporio Armani underwear went on sale. I just had to get some undershirt because I could use both discounts. I tried one on last night and it was very comfortable. It even came with certificate of authenticity, or shall I say, certificato di autenticita? I think I am going back tomorrow to get more before the F&F discount ends.

On the way out we walk through the women's department, and we spotted two hot sailors wearing white briefs and cut tank tops so they could show off their flat abs. They also got one their cute little white hats. Not sure what they were up to but apparently it was for some kind of publicity event. Needless to say that was the most crowded spot in the store, full of women and two pairs of gay men's eyes. I wish I had my camera with me so I could post them here. I did take some mental pictures though. These are not actual pictures of them but for illustrative purposes only. :)

My Trip

Finally I have some energy and free time to sit down and write about my trip. Most mornings I just laid by the pools and checked out the hot guys. Usually the hot ones don't come out until the afternoon though because that's when they wake up due to the orgy party they had the night before. However, because the afternoon sun is more unbearable to my delicate smooth skin, I decided not to expose it to the harmful UV light. There were some cute guys in the morning. Check out the pools I went to:
The first picture is the (Mandalay Bay) Beach. They had a wave pool and real sand, and numerous hot young wet lifeguards. The two other pictures are of other pools they have. One pool that I didn't take a picture of was their lazy river. You can just get in and let the water carry you around and around and around. Quite relaxing actually. I wish I had a lazy river in my backyard even though I don't even have a backyard.

As I was heading back to the hotel from the pool one morning, I saw this hot guy with a great body, sitting on a chair with his legs wide open and putting on sunblock on his hard, defined chest. He was wearing a pair of white Abercrombie swim shorts, so with his legs wide open, you might be able to see some pocket monster. I took out my cell phone pretending to be talking while walking back and forth in front of him. (I know. I am a pervert, but DON'T JUDGE ME like you wouldn't do it if you had the opportunity.) Unfortunately I didn't see anything, or at least I wasn't close enough to see anything. Bummer!

Gambling-wise, as I predicted before the trip, did not turn out well for me. I love penny slots. I know slots are for losers but I am such a penny-slot ___________ (insert your favorite female derogatory term). They make me feel "okay" to throw money into them, and 20 bucks give you a long time of fun and pleasure.

Another highlight of my trip was that I went to the buffet at Mandalay Bay. I've heard many good things about it but never had a chance to try it until now. The food was delicious and the quality of food was great. They also have the best corn chowder I have ever had in my life. I know this buffet is going to be one of my must-hit spots in my next trip to Vegas, which I am already planning. I know I am such a Vegas ___________ (insert the same female derogatory term you used above).